Hilary Duff On Expectations Women Have To Be ‘Super-Skinny’ And Her Shift In Body Image After Giving Birth

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Hilary Duff opened up to Women’s Health and discussed her battle with weight loss after giving birth. Duff stated that she was not one of those mom’s who effortlessly loses weight through nursing.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Sarah Stage is one of those mothers who bounced back after giving birth. The fitness guru became known as “six-pack-mom” due to flaunting her six-pack abs while she was pregnant with her first son. Stage’s extremely fit figure throughout her pregnancy caused an uproar on social media.

Hilary said that being a mom was the happiest time in her life. However, Duff said that the way that she “felt about her body sucked.” Duff denied ever having postpartum depression. In fact, she said that she was super happy after giving birth. However, she felt that her purpose in life had shifted.

“I felt like my only purpose was just to be his mom and be able to feed him.”

Hilary said that she held on to “baby weight for a long time” because she didn’t have the body type to lose the weight simply through nursing. Hilary agreed that there are some women who “bounce back” and don’t have to deal with weight loss struggles after giving birth, according to Women’s Health.

“That’s wonderful for them. But for me, it was so hard to connect with my body again once I had a baby.”

Hilary said that there is a “new version of skinny” and for most women, this body type is unreachable.

At 5 feet and 2 inches tall, Duff said that she has a pretty healthy relationship with her body. Duff said that she likes to look good in her jeans, but she doesn’t feel the need to be “a super-skinny person.”

“I’m normal, and I have a good relationship with food and indulging myself while being healthy and giving my body what it needs.”

In fact, just months ago, Duff responded to body shamers with a photo of her in a one-piece swimsuit on the beach. Hilary said that she posted the photo on behalf of young girls, women, and mothers of all ages. Hilary said the image of her is enjoying a vacation with her son after a long season of shooting films and television shows and being away from him for weeks at a time over a period of months.

“Since websites and magazines love to share ‘celeb flaws‘ – well I have them! My body has given me the greatest gift of my life: Luca, 5 years ago. I’m turning 30 in September and my body is healthy and gets me where I need to go… Ladies, lets be proud of what we’ve got and stop wasting precious time in the day wishing we were different, better, and unflawed. You guys (you know who you are!) already know how to ruin a good time, and now you are body shamers as well.”

Duff said that it is hard for women these days to love their body with pressure from friends to “keep up.”

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Hilary said that it’s terrible that “skinny is beautiful” because there is a new version of skinny that is unreachable and that this is a “really bad look.” Duff said that more women should try to celebrate being an individual and “feel good instead of trying to fit in.”

Hilary stated that she does have a support system and said that she understands the importance of taking time for herself. The actress said that for her, “celebrating myself” means taking personal time for herself, according to E! News.

“I love to take baths, and go out with my girlfriends, and treat myself to something that I’ve lusted after for a while.”

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“I started to feel less guilt about taking time for myself, or you know, maybe not putting Luca to bed one night and going out with my girlfriends and having a fun dinner… That stuff rejuvenates you, and I matter too.”

Hilary said that moms are sometimes too hard on themselves. The actress said that it’s important to step back and “chill for a minute” because it could put a lot of things in perspective.

Since stepping into motherhood, Duff has continued on as a successful actress. Hilary is the star of her current hit, Younger.

Duff has also teamed up with Claritin and Boys & Girls Clubs of America to launch the “20 Minutes of Spring Project.” The project encourages adults and children to get outside and be active.