‘My 600-LB Life’ Perrio Family Update: See If The 1,000-LB Siblings Can Lose Weight After Their Appearance


The Perrio family came to My 600-LB Life desperately needing a change, and now fans of the show are hoping there might be some weight-loss pictures to track how the siblings are progressing.

This week, the first episode of a two-part series focusing on siblings Clarence, Roshanda, and Brandie Perrio hits the air. As Broadway World noted in a preview of the episode, all three are facing life-threatening health issues by the time they travel to Houston to meet with Dr. Now and embark on a weight-loss program.

The episode started to build buzz on social media even before it aired, leading many viewers to search for some (hopefully) positive updates from the Perrio family. So far, TLC has been very tight-lipped about what will happen for the family members and how much weight they might lose as a result, and it does not appear that the answer is coming anytime soon. The three-hour episode that aired this week is just the first of two that focus on the morbidly obese siblings, with the conclusion not coming for another week.

There could be some hope among fans of My 600-LB Life that the Perrio family is able to lose weight after appearing on the show. After some difficult episodes this season — including some participants who refused to go along with their weight-loss programs and even one, Robert Buchel, who died during filming — the docu-series has been on a streak of happier endings.

The previous week’s update episode featured Melissa Morris, who first appeared in the first season of My 600-LB Life and lost so much weight that she was able to achieve her goal of starting a family. Now a mother of four children, Morris has struggled with keeping her weight off but largely maintained her huge losses from the first season.

Fans who want to see if the Perrio family can lose weight after appearing on My 600-LB Life will have a few places to check. The show’s official page regularly adds progress photos here, though with a two-part episode ahead it is not clear when they could be shared. This page will also be updated with any weight-loss pictures from the Perrio family after the My 600-LB Life episode comes to a conclusion.