‘General Hospital’ May 2 Recap: Sam Looks Forward, Griffin And Ava Battle, Carly Opens Up, And Anna Schemes

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Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital featured some forward progress for several pairs in Port Charles. Heading into this May 2 show, Griffin had gone to the gallery to confront Ava over her deal with Sonny, Sam had talked with Drew about getting a divorce, and Anna was fretting that Jason could figure out the truth about her connection to Henrik. What happened during Wednesday’s show?

Griffin tore into Ava for using Mike to get what she wanted from Sonny, saying that it seemed more like revenge than parental concern for Avery. While Ava was upset that Griffin was angry, she said she did what she had to do and didn’t regret it. Things got intense, as she accused him of undermining her case by giving Mike’s medical records to the court and he pushed back saying that he wasn’t willing to give up another calling for her, as he could have lost his medical license if he hadn’t complied.

Though Ava and Griffin’s fight got quite heated, they did both cool down and smooth things over. Ava admitted that she regretted not being honest, but said that she can’t necessarily live up to the high moral standards that Griffin has. They did kiss and Griffin left, but later she became flustered when she looked in a mirror and momentarily saw her burned face again.

Things have been difficult between Carly and Sonny for a while now and General Hospital viewers watched Wednesday as she asked him how long he’d stay mad at her over what happened with Mike and Avery. This prompted a discussion about the note that pulled her away from Avery that day and all of the confusing things related to Morgan that have been haunting her.

Carly told Sonny she’s connected with Dr. Collins and got a prescription for an anxiety medication and Sonny said he was proud of her for taking that step. When Sonny tried to talk about how Morgan was gone for good, Carly brought up that they had thought the same about Jason, but Jason came back and she wonders if Morgan might somehow still be alive too. She noted that she did tell Sonny what was happening because she wanted to spare him any pain and she pointed out that he’d have done the same in her shoes.

Lucy showed up and pulled Carly away to talk about the Nurses Ball seating arrangement and Carly opened up to her about how she feels like she’s going crazy. Lucy talked about how she’s always had a different kind of connection to the spiritual world and this seemed to give Carly an opportunity to see things differently without feeling judged.

Alexis orchestrated an opportunity for Finn and Chase to cross paths, but Finn wasn’t happy about it. She apologized, but then she urged them to try to talk and the two men did sit down together. Chase wondered if Finn’s distaste for him was due to how their father married Chase’s mother quickly after Finn’s mother was out of the picture and Finn was quite hostile toward his brother.

Chase said he believed that the two had unfinished business with one another, but Finn retorted that their father wasn’t a good man and there were reasons he walked away from his father years ago. Finn added that he knows that Chase wants a relationship, but he said it’s never going to happen.

Sam and Jason connected briefly and she explained that she’s going to try sticking with Aurora for a while. Sam admitted that she’s not sure how it’ll go sitting behind a desk again and Jason said she’d be his first call if he needed to infiltrate a bank again. Sam then told Jason that she and Drew had agreed to divorce, and as Jason left to meet with Sonny, she asked him to tell Sonny and Carly hello from her.

Alexis met with Sam and learned that her daughter wants to move forward in a divorce from Drew. Alexis told her daughter how it takes honesty, courage, and resilience to admit a mistake and move forward and she started to talk about some of the formalities that needed to be resolved. Sam didn’t think that things needed to be so black-and-white with Drew, feeling certain that their divorce wouldn’t get ugly. As they talked, Alexis mentioned that she’s giving things a shot with Finn, surprising Sam a bit.

Robert and Anna spent time talking about the Henrik situation and Jason’s involvement. Robert didn’t think it would take much for Jason to connect Anna to Henrik, but Anna thought that it was unlikely. She said she was certain that Andre wouldn’t reveal anything, and she didn’t think Valentin would be an issue.

Soon Anna noted that she thought she had a plan and she called Jason to have him meet with her. Robert expressed uncertainty about how she was handling this, but she said she was confident in how to move forward. Later, when Jason arrived, she said that Jason didn’t need to look any further in trying to find Henrik’s mother, because she was right there.

Also on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Sonny opened up to Jason about what had happened with Ava and he filled her in on the haunting incidents Carly experienced regarding Morgan as well. They talked about trying to sort out what was going on, but Anna’s call to Jason interrupted them before they got very far.

Kiki has been struggling to work with Dr. Bensch and he left her flustered when he said that he wanted her to do another round with him. Kiki confronted him about what he’d said to her previously about how she wasn’t cut out for medical school, and he acted as if he hadn’t said anything like that. Ultimately, he left her doubting herself and feeling bewildered, and he told her that she was special and it’d have been a shame if she’d dropped out of the program.

Griffin caught up with Kiki at work as Bensch walked away and he questioned her about the interaction. General Hospital viewers can tell that Bensch is up to no good with Kiki, and many have a hunch that Griffin will ultimately be the one to save her. Man GH fans also suspect that Kiki and Griffin will end up together romantically down the road, but it looks like that will take some time yet.

Will Drew and Sam’s divorce proceed smoothly and will a reunion with Jason come soon? Can Ava and Griffin really make this relationship work? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are buzzworthy twists and turns on the way and viewers will have plenty to talk about as the May sweeps play out.