‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Speculate That Isabel Rock May Be Pregnant, Jacob’s Fiancée Squashes Rumors

Jacob RoloffInstagram

Jacob Roloff is back in the mix of things again with the Little People, Big World crew, and he has been quite open in sharing updates about his recent engagement to longtime girlfriend Isabel Rock. Jacob and Izzy recently celebrated their engagement with the Roloff family and shared plenty of updates on social media. Before long, a few LPBW followers started to speculate that Izzy might be pregnant based on how she looked in the pictures, but she squashed that talk pretty quickly.

As Good Housekeeping details, a few Little People, Big World followers commented on Isabel Rock’s Instagram post that was highlighting the beautiful day she had with Jacob Roloff and their families in celebrating their engagement. A couple of comments popped up speculating that she might be pregnant, stating that she looked like she had a baby bump in a photo she shared.

Of course, Little People, Big World fans know that Jacob and Izzy’s engagement is no sudden development. The two have been dating for several years now and got engaged over the Christmas holiday while traveling together to Finland. Based on the hashtags on their posts, they are looking at getting married sometime in 2019, so their big day is a ways off yet. Given all of that, it definitely seems like this is a traditional relationship progression with no shotgun wedding or surprise pregnancy in play.

It can be tricky for reality television stars and other celebrities to handle comments like this on social media. If they acknowledge the comments, things can spiral out of control. On the other hand, speculation left unaddressed can create issues, too. In this case, Izzy decided to post an Instagram story where she noted the pregnancy-related comments and joked about how nice her summer body was coming in for her. Rock also stated that she’s just eating well and isn’t pregnant.

All in all, the Roloff and Rock families had a great time at the engagement party, and both Izzy and Jacob were thrilled to have all of their loved ones surrounding them. The Little People, Big World star has been quite vocal in the past about his decision to pull away from filming the TLC show, and even away from his family. Luckily, it looks like he’s in a much better place these days on this front.

In fact, Rock shared a photo on her Instagram from the party and noted that it was the first time that her father and Jacob’s mom Amy Roloff had met. Izzy said that one of her favorite things from that day was that her dad and Amy got along extremely well, and she notes that it was a beautiful day.

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock may not have a baby on the way yet, but the Little People, Big World crew is keeping busy with other mini-Roloffs on the farm these days. Tori and Zach are about to celebrate baby Jackson’s first birthday while Jeremy and Audrey have baby Ember’s first birthday coming up in a few months. Little People, Big World is currently airing new episodes every Tuesday night on TLC, and LPBW fans hope that Isabel and Jacob’s wedding will end up being featured in a future episode down the road.