‘Young And Restless’ May 2 Recap: Paul’s Questions Rattle The Women, And JT’s Resting Spot May Not Be So Final

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Things are heating up in Genoa City and Young and Restless fans are dying to see what comes next. Phyllis, Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki continue to hide the truth about JT’s whereabouts and Y&R spoilers have teased that this is going to become increasingly difficult. Paul is asking questions, and Wednesday’s show brought some scrambling by the women. Hilary is also in scramble mode due to her pregnancy quest and viewers got to see some struggles involving Nick and Sharon during the May 2 Young and Restless show, too.

As SheKnows Soaps details, Phyllis had to do some quick thinking when Hilary told her about a piece she’s doing regarding Katherine Chancellor and the park. Hilary mused over how to make a flower bed seem exciting and unfortunately, Phyllis knows just how exciting that story could get if too much attention is paid to the spot where they buried JT.

Hilary didn’t pick up on Phyllis’ worries since she has plenty of her own. Phyllis gave Devon a bit of a hard time for being hard on Hilary, asking him how much longer it’ll take for him to admit he still loves her. Phyllis quietly encouraged Hilary to get going on her pregnancy backup plan, and Hilary soon connected with her doctor to get an insemination appointment in place.

Paul reached out to Victoria with some JT-related questions, citing new evidence in the case. Paul explained that they have determined that JT’s cellphone was near Victoria’s home the night he disappeared, and he asked if Victoria got a call or a text from him that night. Paul noted that records show that JT reached out to Victoria multiple times and obviously, Vikki hadn’t mentioned any such thing previously.

Victoria told Paul that she turned her phone off so she could enjoy the evening with the gals and that she deleted what came in that evening. The Young and the Restless viewers watched as Victoria danced around Paul’s questions, and she turned the tables on him at one point when she pointed out that Paul was the reason JT was back in Genoa City at all.

Nick and Sharon have been doing an intricate dance with one another for a while now, trying to maintain a friendship while the chemistry between them has started to spark again. Wednesday’s episode brought an awkward moment when Nick caught Sharon wearing very little, and the Young and Restless Twitter account had a little fun with this one. Soon, however, they were interrupted as Paul beckoned Sharon to the station.

Vikki may have left her session with Paul believing that she’d kept her tracks covered, but he also summoned Nikki and Phyllis along with Sharon. He talked with each woman individually to ask them about JT and the phone situation. While Nikki and Phyllis echoed Victoria’s claims that her phone had been turned off, Sharon said that Vikki’s phone had rung and she ignored it.

Paul picked up on this difference in stories about Victoria’s phone, and the women didn’t waste any time in getting together at the ranch to go over their discussions with Paul. Phyllis joked about how they needed flashcards to help them all stay on the same page, and Sharon wondered if they could play off the misstep by saying they were drunk and didn’t all remember things accurately. Of course, since Nikki was sober, that approach doesn’t entirely work.

As the women discussed the interviews with Paul, Phyllis suggested that they try to move JT’s body. She wondered if Nikki could manage to get the park shut down for a brief period of time, and this would certainly help them in regards to Hilary’s piece on the park as well.

Later, Nikki and Victoria talked alone. Vikki’s guilt over everything that’s happened, including pulling the other women into this, prompted her to exclaim that she was going to tell Paul she killed JT. The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that this situation will get increasingly complicated as the week continues and viewers are anxious to see how it all ultimately falls apart.