‘NCIS’ Pauley Perrette’s Character, Abby, Faces Unknown Fate In Swan Song Episode

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While Inquisitr has already reported on Pauley Perrette’s desire to put the brakes on her Hollywood career to enjoy everyday things such as going to church and spending time at home with her dogs, one question still lingers – how will Abby Sciuto exit NCIS?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched Tuesday’s episode of NCIS.

Technically, any character who has been a member of a cast as long as Pauley has can only leave the show in one of two ways. So, will Perrette have an open-ended exit with an opportunity to return to the show at a later time or will Abby Sciuto die?

As Entertainment News points out, many fans speculate the exit of Pauley will go one of two ways given how intense part one of her two-part exit ended on Tuesday, May 1. The first option is for Abby to become so terrified of a near-death experience that she decides to walk away from her job. The second is the gunshot that fans heard at the end of the intense episode actually claimed the life of dear Abby.

Given the fact that this wouldn’t be the first time Pauley’s character has had a terrifying close encounter on the show, it may be a bit of a stretch to think she’d suddenly decide to walk away out of fear. Unfortunately, this has a lot of fans speculating they may have to say goodbye to Abby forever.

The episode titled “One Step Forward” came to a close with Abby and Reeves (played by Duane Henry) getting approached by a mugger. While Reeves willingly handed over his items, Abby tried to help the mugger instead of handing her things over.

The episode ended with the sound of a gunshot. The gunshot cliffhanger sent fans into a frenzy on social media. To make things worse, the promo trailer for part-two of Pauley Perrette’s exit on May 8 titled “Two Steps Back,” did absolutely nothing to help soothe the panicked fans.

The NCIS official twitter page sent a virtual hug to the panicked fans, but didn’t reveal any details regarding the fate of Abby.

In the promo trailer of Pauley’s final episode, fans see a glimpse of Abby struggling to hang on as those close to her appear to be saying goodbye.

NCIS says goodbye to Abby Sciuto on Tuesday, May 8.