The Young Bucks Talk With Chris Jericho About WWE Invasion And Much More In A Riveting Interview On ‘TIJ’

Theo Wargo Getty Images

Chris Jericho featured The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) as his guests on the most recent episode of Talk is Jericho, and the trio discussed the recent WWE invasion incident, the cease and desist controversy, and a lot more. Per his usual, Chris Jericho delivered a humorous interview, and the trio provided many laugh-out-loud moments. In the beginning of the interview, they briefly discussed wrestling in the Tokyo Dome, how they ended up in NJPW, and the darkest moments of their career, including the end of their run in TNA (now Impact Wrestling).

Chris Jericho pointed out that Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are the hottest thing outside the WWE, achieving worldwide fame outside of the major company. But many fans would love to see The Young Bucks eventually land in the WWE. As heard in the audio below, the pair discussed their brief appearance in the company years ago but how it was harder to get signed back then.

They said that they feel it would be easier to get signed now but, given the popularity of their merchandise and how well they are booked in other companies (the WWE rarely features tag teams as their main attraction, where other promotions often do), that doesn’t seem to be a major concern right now for the exhilarating team. The Young Bucks merchandise is very popular, and several of their shirts are currently available at Hot Topic (a feat that is hard to accomplish for non-WWE superstars).

But The Young Bucks did make a recent appearance at a WWE show, of sorts. In September 2017, alongside Brandi Rhodes, The Bullet Club (Cody, Marty Scurll, Hangman Page, and Matt and Nick Jackson) “invaded” Raw in Ontario, California. The popular faction parodied the DX invasion during the “Monday Night Wars.” Nick Jackson used a megaphone to announce they were coming to rescue Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson (former members of The Bullet Club in NJPW). The group was able to wrangle hundreds of fans and the entertaining incident garnered a lot of attention.

But the WWE didn’t take too kindly to the gesture. The next day after that Raw, the WWE’s legal team sent cease and desist letters for them using the intellectual property of “Too Sweet,” including clothing using the phrase, a DVD, and the “Too Sweet” symbol as well. Being the merchandising gurus that they are, The Young Bucks made “Cease and Desist” and “One Sweet” t-shirts that became hot sellers. The team spoke of the invasion incident with Chris Jericho and expounded.

They said they originally wanted to do the invasion spot with Matt and Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania, but that was nixed when The Hardy Boyz resigned with the WWE. Nick and Matt revealed that AXS TV also suggested an invasion spot, but NJPW rejected that idea. The Young Bucks then spoke to Chris Jericho how the invasion finally came about.

They also spoke about Jimmy Jacobs, who at the time was signed to the WWE, becoming involved and taking a selfie with them. Soon after that photo was posted on social media, Jimmy Jacobs was released from the WWE. The duo gave more details on the invasion, talked about the upcoming All In show, if they ever plan on going to the WWE, and much more.