Ashley James’ Instagram Bikini Pics No Longer Retouched, Don’t ‘Over-Edit Or Filter Your Appearance’

Gareth CattermoleGetty Images

Even though the name Ashley James may not mean much to people in the United States, she’s definitely a rising star. And the best part is, she’s getting a lot of attention for all the right reasons.

Ashley James recently sat down with Express to talk about her recent endeavors, including her successful stint on Celebrity Big Brother, and her upcoming stint on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

The sometime DJ, who is also known for her sexy Instagram snaps, said that she would no longer edit her bikini pictures to fit a societal norm because as a strong advocate of body positivity, she feels that people shouldn’t “over-edit or filter their appearance.”

Ashley James went on to say that she used to edit her photos “a lot” but found that the more she would do it, the unhappier she felt because she was trying to fit into a “norm” that wasn’t right for her. What’s more, she said that she wanted to show off her “real self” to her followers because she is very happy with who she is, what she looks like, and how she feels inside her own skin.

That’s a sentiment she shared at the recent premiere of the Amy Schumer flick, I Feel Pretty, which has come under fire for how it tackles body issues.

While many critics of the film say that it “body-shames” women, Ashley James told her Twitter followers that she didn’t feel this was the message of the film at all.

Rather, she said, she feels that the film was “very relatable,” and that as a light-hearted comedy (and not a documentary), one should watch the film and see for themselves before passing judgment.

What’s more, she said she had a problem with how Emily Ratajkowski’s character was portrayed in the film because her feelings of insecurity were dismissed. She said, too, that the feelings of insecurity are ones she can relate to because no matter how many positive comments she receives on her social media pages, it’s the negative comments she receives that can get to her the most.

Ashley James can currently be seen in a new video for Huawei to celebrate their latest P20 smartphone launch.