Shannen Doherty Praises Blood Donors In Advance Of Upcoming Surgery

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Following the good news that her cancer is in remission, Shannen Doherty confessed that she will be undergoing yet another surgery.

According to E! Online, Doherty revealed that she had breast cancer as she also learned that the cancer had unfortunately spread to her lymph nodes. In May of 2016, the actress had a single mastectomy and shared that she would do chemo first and then radiation after to try and treat the cancer. Doherty said that the most difficult part of the whole cancer ordeal wasn’t the chemo since pain can be managed, but the now 47-year-old confessed that she worries about her uncertain future and how it could affect her loved ones.

Now Radar Online reports that following Shannen’s happy news of her cancer remission, she was dealt another blow and will be undergoing surgery soon. Yesterday, the actress shared a post with her Instagram followers, showing a photo of herself and her doctor. Doherty did not reveal what surgery she was specifically having but was quick to applaud her doctor for his help.

“My doctor had me bank some blood for my upcoming surgery. Mars P was patient with me and didn’t even roll his eyes at my anxiety over the needle size. He was patient, kind and really good.”

In the lengthy post, Doherty also praised blood donors for helping her as she fights the good fight. The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star shared that two of her donors come in every two weeks for two hours to donate platelets. Doherty told fans that she is completely moved by the generosity of her donors and vows that once she is cleared in the future, she too will donate blood to help others who are in similar situations.

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Shannen’s one-million-plus Instagram followers gave the heartfelt post over 37,000 likes as well as 500 plus comments, with many of her fans sending their well-wishes to the actress as she continues her ongoing battle.

“God bless! Prayers are always with you!!!”

“Sending positive thoughts & vibes your way,” another fan said.

In early April, Shannen took to her Instagram account to share with her fans that her cancer was in remission only to later reveal that one of her tumor tests had unfortunately come back elevated and would need to be looked at.

Earlier in the week, Shannen also used her celebrity status for another good cause — to try and save a dog from a shelter in Texas. She shared a post of a white pup from Mother of Dogs Instagram page, saying that if the little guy didn’t get adopted that day, he would be euthanized because the shelter was overcrowded.

Best of luck to Shannen!