Elizabeth Flores, Aunt Of Turpin Children, To Release Tell-All ‘Sister Of Secrets’

Terry Pierson - PoolGetty Images

Next week, Louise Turpin’s sister, Elizabeth Flores, will release her tell-all book titled Sisters of Secrets which details growing up with Louise as a sister.

Louise’s younger sister sat down with People, dishing that her sister was a totally different person when they were kids. Elizabeth even says that Louise was her protector for many years, and what she did to her own children was out of character.

“This is not the same Louise I knew, that I loved.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Louise and David Turpin’s story made headlines after one of their teenage daughters escaped from their California home to alert authorities as to what was going on in what many people now call the “California House of Horrors.” When authorities arrived, they found the Turpin’s 13 children living in a filthy home surrounded by human waste.

The couple is accused of doing horrible things to their brood of children, including starving them, torturing them, and even treating the family dogs better than them. And since everything has finally come to the surface, Turpin’s sister has been very vocal about the whole ordeal.

“Growing up, Louise and I were very, very close,” Flores said before revealing that they grew up in an abusive home environment with their parents often fighting.

When their parents would fight, Flores claims that Louise would protect her by covering her ears and putting her close her chest so that she wouldn’t be able to see or hear their parent’s arguments. But after Louise met and married David Turpin at the age of 16, her relationship with Elizabeth began to fray.

The Daily Mail reports that Flores hadn’t seen her sister since 2010, and she had no idea what was going on behind closed doors. Flores also claims that she had not spoken with her sister at any time in the past two years. After Louise’s arrest, Elizabeth says her sister is living in “la la land” and has no remorse for her actions.

The Inquisitr also reports that Louise’s other sister, Teresa Robinette, also had no idea about how the Turpin children were being treated, having only met four of the children in person. The last time Robinette even saw Louise was in 1997 or 1998 and the last time she spoke with her on the phone was around 2009. Robinette stated that Louise would always come up with strange excuses to cancel their planned visits.

Even before Flores found out about the disaster that surrounded her sister and her family, she claims that she had already begun to write a book, which detailed her upbringing and the story of her own survival.

The book will be available for purchase next Tuesday.