‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew And Sam Divorcing, JaSam Reunion Could Be Closer Than Ever

It seems inevitable that General Hospital couple, Jason and Sam, will be getting back together eventually. Now that Jason is alive and well, and still pining for his former wife, he may just get what he has longed for since returning to Port Charles. In the previews that GH put out for Wednesday, Sam is seen sitting down with Jason to let him know that she and Drew are getting a divorce. His expression to her admission looks to be a mixture of surprise, happiness, and relief.

Drew and Sam sat down this week on General Hospital to discuss their future together. With Sam loving both men and seeking to find herself, it was looking bleak. They both finally agreed that ending their marriage was the best thing right now. This was a sad moment for the fans who wanted this couple to survive, even after the real Jason Morgan came back from the dead. It looks like that JaSam reunion that was fully expected to happen is getting closer than ever.

Sam and Jason’s future together may not happen right away. Sam is taking her time to figure out exactly what she wants in her life and who she wants to spend it with. The way she is always staring at her former husband, it looks like she will be in his arms soon enough. But you just never know if the writers will throw in a twist or two into this storyline. Maybe, in the end, she and Drew will eventually get back together.

While JaSam fans are rejoicing at the thought of this couple reuniting, maybe the General Hospital writers are going in a different direction here. Even if there is a twist somehow thrown in, Sam and Jason’s love story does seem to be heading toward a new chapter.

Sam did tell Drew that she wanted to continue working at Aurora Media, so keeping their personal feelings separate from their work environment should prove to be interesting. Now Drew will be left with the absent memories of his past that he will continue to seek, while Sam will continue her journey to figure out what she truly wants. Where does that leave Jason? He is the same person that he has always been. He loves Sam but is still living the same lifestyle he has for years and is not willing to give up.

Sam, Jason, and Drew have all been through the ringer these past few months. Emotions are running all over the place. The pieces may fall into place very soon, but it is still uncertain which puzzle they will fit into. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.