Bubble Gun Suspension: Kindergarten Student’s Comment Draws Controversy

A 5-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was suspended last week after she made a threatening comment involving a bubble gun.

The little girl told a fellow classmate she was going to shoot her with a pink toy gun that dispenses bubbles.

The girl was originally suspended for 10 days, a suspension that was reduced to two days after her family hired an attorney.

According to family attorney Robin Ficker, the school district labeled the girl as a “terrorist threat” because of her bubble gun comment. The comment was made outside of regular school hours as the girls were waiting for the school bus.

According to Fox News, school officials had the student questioned by a psychologist after they questioned her for 30 minutes.

Ficker defended the girls actions by noting that she didn’t have the bubble gun in her possession at the time of the comment. Ficker tells ABC News that the kindergarten student the “least terroristic person in Pennsylvania” and has “never fired a real gun.”

School officials claim to be looking into the suspension, although district policy forbids them from talking about disciplinary actions taken against students.

Do you think the little girls bubble gun comment was worthy of a suspension, or did school officials take the comment too far?