Clara Jane Nixon Dies At 92

Clara Jane Nixon, sister-in-law of former President Richard M. Nixon, has died. She was 92-years-old.

Nixon passed away on Friday from natural causes.

Speaking of her life Ed Nixon, Clara’s brother-in-law wrote:

“Her passing this morning leaves us with feelings of regret for having too many unfinished conversations, but rejoicing in the faith that kept her above the everyday noise all around us. I feel certain that Don and Rick are there to greet her at her next destination.”

Clara wed Don Nixon, and the couple remained married for 45 years. Don Nixon passed away in 1987 after fighting a battle with pneumonia.

Throughout her life, Clara Nixon was best known for maintaining the Nixon legacy. Over the years, Clara collected and assembled various pieces of original furniture from the Nixon brother’s childhood home. The furniture Clara saved is now on display at the Richard Nixon Library Birthplace located in Yorba Linda.

Yorba Linda mayor Roland Bigonger has called Clara Jane Nixon the most important figure in property recovery for the home.

When she wasn’t finding and restoring furnishings for the home and library, Clara Jane Nixon was often spotted at Richard Nixon Library functions.

Clara Nixon is survived by her son Donald and daughter Lawerne.

Funeral services for the deceased Nixon have not yet been announced. Clara will be buried with her husband and other members of the Nixon family at Rose Hills Cemetery.