Kendall Jenner Is Not Pregnant Despite Tabloid Report, According To ‘Gossip Cop’ [Debunked]

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Kendall Jenner has been the target of pregnancy rumors ever since two of her sisters were pregnant at the same time, and they have continued now that Khloe and Kylie have given birth. A recent article in Fameolous continued the speculation. They claim that they got a tip from an insider that the high-fashion model is expecting. The “source,” who allegedly works in PR, says that her client tried to book Kendall for an event during haute-couture fashion week in Paris but learned that they couldn’t because Kendall is pregnant.

“Unfortunately, I was not on the call, so I have zero details,” the source added.

The Hollywood Gossip reported on the story and added that Khloe and Kylie’s reluctance to admit that they were pregnant for long periods of time is lending credence to the story that Kendall might be pregnant. But Gossip Cop is on the case and they say that the story is not true.

If Kendall was so pregnant that it meant she was losing fashion jobs, she’d have to be pretty far along in the pregnancy by now. As Gossip Cop points out, Kendall admitted that she got drunk at a Khloe Kardashian party two weeks ago. Also during a recent interview with Vogue, Kendall revealed that she was in no rush to have kids. Jenner admitted that she wants to have kids but that she wants to have them later on in her life when she is 28 or 29.

As for missed fashion gigs, People Magazine previously reported that Kendall had bowed out of some fashion jobs because she just wanted a break from hectic model life. As People notes, she is currently the highest-paid fashion model in the world, dethroning Gisele Bundchen for the title at the end of 2017. Kendall also has the most Instagram followers of anyone working in the fashion industry with over 80 million followers. Given her fame and earnings from being a part of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians empire, we can assume that Kendall has the luxury of deciding when she wants to work as a model or not.

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So if she misses a couple of fashion weeks, it’s probably not a concrete indication that she’s pregnant.