‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Star Elizabeth Olsen Wishes She Wasn’t The Only Hero With Cleavage

Jesse GrantGetty Images for Disney

Avengers: Infinity War star Elizabeth Olsen’s cleavage became a topic of conversation recently as the actress discussed the costume she wears in the Marvel blockbuster while playing the role of Scarlet Witch. Olsen explains that she understands the approach to the movies and the characters, but she wouldn’t mind seeing her costume updated a bit so her cleavage didn’t feel like such a focal point.

As People details, Elizabeth Olsen said she wishes that the corset she wears as Scarlet Witch in the Avengers series didn’t accentuate her cleavage as much as it does. She notes that other females in the series have costumes that cover them up more thoroughly, and she says that the fact that her character’s costume hasn’t evolved has become a constant joke to her. The Infinity War star says that she doesn’t mind wearing a corset, she just wishes it came up somewhat higher.

While Olsen does wish that her costume was allowed to evolve to an extent, she acknowledges that what she’s been given is a tribute to the iconic role and history of the movies and comics. Elizabeth adds that this cleavage-enhancing corset certainly isn’t intended to represent typical women and as she noted with Elle, she is glad that she’s not wearing the original leotard and headband the character donned in the original comic books.

Olsen went on to praise Marvel for working so diligently on storyline inclusivity. Obviously, the recent Black Panther movie is a great example of this, and Elizabeth says that Marvel is determined to use the substantial platform they’ve created to represent the world and tell stories in a new way. The Avengers: Infinity War star says that she believes this approach by Marvel is what has allowed their movies to be so successful in terms of both point of view and story.

Does Elizabeth Olsen raise a valid point about the cleavage shown with her Scarlet Witch costume in Avengers: Infinity War? This isn’t the first time that the actress has spoken out about how her image is utilized in the Marvel films and from the looks of things, she won’t hesitate to speak out again in the future as she feels inclined.