Kathy Griffin Slams Trump On 'The View,' Takes Back Her Apology For Beheading Photo

While never one to be coy to express how she feels, Kathy Griffin spouted off a string of expletives during her visit to the ABC morning show The View Monday where she announced that she was withdrawing her apology she gave last year in regard to the photo shoot where the comedian was seen holding up a severed head resembling President Donald Trump. After a brief introduction from co-host Whoopi Goldberg, Griffin wasted no time getting to the heart of that matter, reports the Daily Mail.

"Yeah, I take the apology back," she said on the morning talk show. "F*** him... and Don Jr. and Eric, or as I call them Eddie Munster and Date Rape." She quickly acknowledged that she wasn't holding back "on this family."

Last May, Griffin worked with photographer Tyler Shields on the stunt that immediately made headlines, which was shortly followed by death threats to her and her family.

"I had to spend two hours convincing my mom I hadn't been recruited by Al-Qaeda … my mom got death threats in her retirement village, and my sister got death threats in her hospital bed, and I lost her to cancer — that's why I shaved my head. That's how vicious it can be."

Griffin was quick to apologize for the photo, saying at the time, "I went way too far. The images are too disturbing, I understand how it offends people. It wasn't funny, I get it. I've made a lot of mistakes in my career... I will continue…I went too far. I made a mistake, and I was wrong."

However, as of Monday, that has all changed when Griffin rambled on The View.

When co-host Sunny Hostin asked Kathy if she regretted saying that she was sorry, Griffin stated, "I do, because that apology…I mean I'm not kidding. I've performed in Iraq and Afghanistan — two places that Trump has never even been and can't find on a map — and so, of course because of my connection with the military I thought of literally Daniel Pearl's mother. And so, I thought, 'Okay, obviously not very many people have witnessed that horrendous event' but when I thought of her I thought, 'Okay, apologize.'" (Pearl was beheaded in Pakistan by terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh back in July 2002.)

"And then when I found out that I was really just part of the Trump wood chipper, which Michelle Wolf is in now, and I didn't know … they have this apparatus already set up. Before my silly picture of a five dollar Halloween mask and ketchup — and I wanted to make a statement about what a misogynist he is and also, I remembered the eight years of the photos of Obama lynching and nobody said anything, right? That was all okay."

Joy Behar, who appeared to try to help Griffin refrain from swearing on the air, asked, "But now that you've taken the apology back, aren't you frightened that they are going to go after you again now?"

"They already are. They're starting today," said Griffin.

When asked why Kathy was taking such a stand, she said that she was fighting for her First Amendment rights, which was also her reasoning for the photo shoot to begin with. Hostin then asked, "Don't you think that you went too far though?"

"No, not now. Not when I see his policies," said Griffin. "Also, it was a mask and ketchup. I wish I had done a blow up doll. I bet I could have gotten away with it with a blow up doll."