James Corden Tries To Make Sense Of ‘Kanye Westworld’ In Skit With Jimmi Simpson

Terence PatrickCBS

James Corden gave fans a preview of an HBO series that doesn’t technically exist, but definitely should.

The Late Late Show host recruited Westworld star Jimmi Simpson for a skit last night that imagined an alternate version of the park where robots were programmed to spout off the unintelligible tweets of one Kanye West.

Welcome to “Kanye Westworld” everyone.

The skit opens with Corden dressed in convincing cowboy gear, busting through the doors of a saloon. His first clue that something might be amiss comes when the bartender offers him water after he orders a whiskey and hands him a drink with a cryptic message.

“Never a master, always a student.”

From there, things get weird. Well, even weirder than hanging out in a bar with a bunch of robots dressed like they live in the Old West.

Just a quick refresher for anyone living under a rock or purposefully avoiding the newsfeeds of celebrities, Kanye West returned to Twitter recently and started churning out some real gems. He created controversy when he snapped a shot of his signed MAGA hat which earned a re-tweet from Donald Trump and an outpouring of support from the alt-right crowd. From there he posted updates of palm trees, architectural photos, comics inspired by his philosophical musings, and private texts from John Legend urging him to rethink his support for the president and his harmful policies.

And of course, he shared some nuggets of Kanye West wisdom.

The Late Late Show skit incorporated quite a few of West’s whackiest tweets and poor Corden was left trying to make sense of it all on his own before Simpson showed up dressed as his Man in Black character on the real Westworld and explained things to the talk show host.

You see, this is Kanye Westworld where nothing makes sense, confusion is a permanent feeling, and the locals are just crazy. It’s not unlike the real world, and honestly, if HBO is ever looking to do a spinoff of their dystopian sci-fi thriller, this idea might be worth something.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to be satisfied with this mashup and hope that whatever is going on with West is, as the sketch suggests, just a phase.