Trump Doctor Claims His Office Was ‘Raided’ By Trump Staff

Win McNameeGetty Images

Many people remember President Donald Trump’s doctor who provided a letter detailing the candidate’s supposed excellent health ahead of the 2016 election, Dr. Harold Bornstein. The doctor, who said that Trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected as president if he won, is now speaking out and alleging that members of Trump’s staff raided his office shortly after Trump’s inauguration.

NBC News reports that according to Dr. Harold Bornstein, the incident happened on February 3, 2017. President Donald Trump’s former personal doctor says that a top Trump Organization lawyer, aide and bodyguard Keith Schiller, and a third person showed up at Bornstein’s office without any prior contact. Bornstein says that the three men took all of the medical records related to Trump that were in the office.

As The Hill details, Bornstein alleges that the three men associated with Trump were in his New York medical office for about 25 to 30 minutes and they left with the president’s medical charts and lab reports. Not only did they take records with Trump’s name on them, they took everything that existed under various pseudonyms used by the new president as well.

Bornstein says that the incident left him feeling frightened, sad, and even raped, and he describes the experience as a “raid” by the three men. The timing of the alleged incident suggests that the Trump team’s raid was sparked by comments Bornstein made to the New York Times about the president taking Propecia, likely to stimulate hair growth. Trump also reportedly cut off contact with Bornstein after the Propecia comments.

Not only did Schiller and the other two men reportedly take all of Bornstein’s Trump-related paperwork away with them, they also apparently asked the doctor to take down a photo he had hanging that showed the doctor and new president together. It seems that the doctor now has the framed photo tucked away under papers on a shelf.

According to Bornstein, he was not given the proper HIPAA paperwork required that would allow him to release the medical records to the three men. Reports detail that Trump’s White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, did provide a signed letter that was given to Bornstein, but it seems the actual release may not have been attached.

Why is Bornstein speaking out now, more than a year after the alleged incident happened? He says that it’s because of the revelations that have emerged regarding Jackson during the brief time he was nominated to take over the administration of the Veteran’s Administration. Apparently, Bornstein feels somewhat redeemed over Jackson’s downfall.

So far, no comment has emerged from the White House, Schiller, or Trump Organization lawyer Alan Garten, who the doctor says joined Schiller’s team at the office during the raid. Prior to Donald Trump winning the presidency, Dr. Harold Bornstein had been Trump’s personal physician for 35 years, and he even hoped to serve in the role in the White House. The information Bornstein provided on Trump’s supposed health just prior to the election left people stunned, and it looks like he’s out with another stunner regarding this supposed raid.