‘General Hospital’ Fans React To Nelle And Carly Drama, Make It Clear They Want Answers, Payoff, And Closure

David LivingstonGetty Images

The General Hospital character of Nelle Benson, played by Chloe Lanier, has been surrounded by mystery since she first arrived in Port Charles. While a lot has been revealed about Nelle and her past, she still keeps everybody guessing, and GH fans are not shy about sharing their opinions on the character’s shenanigans. She currently is targeting Carly, again, and is supposedly pregnant with Michael’s baby. However, fans know that she’s up to no good once more, and they are anxious for answers. What are General Hospital viewers saying about this storyline?

Nelle has been keeping busy manipulating Carly by making her wonder if Morgan is still alive, and she’s also nearing the end of her pregnancy, which will supposedly bring forth another Quartermaine heir. However, many General Hospital fans think there’s a sizable shoe of some sort yet to drop on the pregnancy situation, and they are anxious to get answers already.

Actress Chloe Lanier just won a Daytime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Nelle, and many General Hospital viewers would readily admit she plays a great villain. There certainly seems to be a plan in play to surround Nelle with more drama, and there are plenty of theories floating around. What’s the truth about this supposed pregnancy, and is there a line this General Hospital villain won’t cross when it comes to her quest for revenge against Carly?

One person on Twitter noted that this Carly and Nelle storyline could generate some great soapy drama if it were put together correctly. The poster noted, however, that it seems more likely that it’ll end up being a letdown in the end.

Another set of tweets contends that the writers have done well in establishing Nelle as a believable villain. The poster adds that he feels the character development they’ve done with Nelle has been excellent, and that this latest twist with Nelle mentioning the idea of Carly taking custody of the baby is strange but potentially fabulous.

While it is not yet clear where this current storyline ends and what twists and turns the General Hospital writers have in store, many suspect that these shenanigans will backfire on Nelle and perhaps cost her this baby. Unfortunately, a fair number of GH fans seem to just want it over with already, no matter how it wraps up.

Can the General Hospital writers weave in believable twists and turns that will win over those viewers who are feeling fed up with Nelle mucking things up in Port Charles? Just what is it that Nelle plans to do with this baby and how far will she really go to try to drive Carly crazy?

Given Chloe Lanier’s Daytime Emmy win, it’s a good bet that she’ll be sticking around General Hospital for the foreseeable future. If that is the case, viewers hope that the writers can navigate this story toward a big payoff that will reward everybody for hanging in there this long.