Blake Lively’s Instagram Disappears And The Internet Can’t Handle It

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Blake Lively may have just taken a page out of Taylor Swift’s book by deleting every single photo from her Instagram account to get her fans’ attention.

In the blink of an eye, Lively’s once beautiful Instagram feed was deleted without any explanation as to why from the 30-year-old actress. If you go to Lively’s Instagram page now, the only things that you can see on her page are her follower count, which still holds strong at 20.9 million followers, and her bio that reads, “What happened to Emily?…” Lively even deleted her Instagram profile picture in the midst of it all.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the actress now only follows 28 people — all named Emily Nelson. Lively even unfollowed her husband, Ryan Reynolds, on the popular social media platform.

The Hollywood Life suggests that Blake basically ghosted on Instagram in order to promote her new film, A Simple Favor, in which she plays the role of a woman named Emily Nelson. In post on her Instagram page last night, Teen Vogue shares that Blake posted a picture of a hangman game on April 30 and interestingly enough, the answer to the clue was “What Happened To Emily?” That was the last post before the account was wiped and everything was deleted.

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Luckily for fans, Lively’s Twitter account remains active and many fans have taken to Twitter to try and find out what happened to Blake. While some fans simply wondered why Lively disappeared on Instagram in such a hurry, other fans boasted that Lively gave them a follow on Instagram.

“Does anyone want to tell me why Blake Lively followed me and had this as a bio. Goodbye cruel world some hacker is anti-Emily, my time has come.”

“I’m so confused why is Blake Lively’s entire Instagram deleted and now she only follows girls named Emily Nelson,” another fan tweeted.

Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynold, who is normally very outspoken and likes to joke with his wife of his Instagram and Twitter accounts, has yet to comment on the deletion of his wife’s account. But, if his past tweets are any indication of what’s to come, then fans are sure to be in for a treat sometime in the near future.

According to, A Simple Favor centers around Anna Kendrick’s character, Stephanie, who plays a mommy vlogger who goes out on a quest to find out what happens to her best friend, Emily Nelson (played by Blake Lively). But the thriller isn’t slated to be released in theaters until September 14.