‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin Can’t Deal With Ava’s Behavior, Could Be End For Grava

General Hospital decided to pair the good doctor, Griffin Munro, with the bad girl of Port Charles, Ava Jerome, a few months ago. He left the priesthood because of his conflicting feelings for her, but he may now regret his decision. This week will have Griffin confronting her on that deal she just made with Sonny over Avery’s custody. According to the preview for this week that the ABC soap posted, Griffin is beginning to open his eyes as to who she really is.

Griffin was hoping that she had changed for the better. He has been good for Ava Jerome since the accident that left her with burn scars on her face. He had been there for her as a friend, but then it turned into a serious relationship. She had changed, or so he thought.

When it comes to something that she wants so desperately, she goes for the gusto. What she now wants more than anything is to have her daughter Avery with her and not her baby daddy, Sonny Corinthos. On Monday’s General Hospital, Ava and Sonny made a deal for her to receive joint custody of their daughter. The clincher was that if he didn’t agree to it, she would move forward with the charges against Mike for taking Avery.

Griffin will learn all about the deal and is expected to confront Ava about it. He is not happy, especially since he is Mike’s doctor. Sonny is seen in the General Hospital clip telling Griffin that he is starting to see Ava for who she really is. In fact, he witnessed her venom towards Sonny and even poor Mike, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and was confused when he took Avery. She wanted him thrown in jail on kidnapping charges despite Sonny’s pleas. Now, she is using the situation to her advantage to gain custody of her little girl.

This could all mean that this is the end for Grava. It could also mean that Ava will eventually turn on her guy. She knows all about the secret that Griffin is keeping about Henrik Faison. If she gets mad enough, she may use that to her advantage or to get revenge. But would she really do that to Griffin?

It looks like the real Ava Jerome is back in full force. There may be no stopping her now, even if it means the end of her and the man she claims to love. Stay tuned to General Hospital this week to see Ava and Griffin’s confrontation in action.