‘Days Of Our Lives’ Recap For April 30: Abigail Leaves Everybody Scrambling, JJ And Rafe Rush To Gabi’s Side

Willy SanjuanInvision/AP Images

Abigail’s mental health issues are causing chaos throughout Salem and that was certainly the case with Monday’s episode of Days of Our Lives. Vivian, Kate, and Marlena are all trapped in a secret room at the DiMera mansion thanks to “Gabby’s” antics, and Stefan is in dire shape at the hospital after Chad found him in bed with Gabby and lost it. What do Days of Our Lives fans need to know about what happened during the April 30 show?

Days of Our Lives writers took advantage of the opportunity they had with Marlena, Vivian, and Kate all trapped together and they came up with comedy gold. The three women aren’t the best of friends by any stretch and the snark came out in full-force when Vivian found a box of champagne and the ladies indulged to drown away their troubles.

As Kate, Vivian, and Marlena tossed back glass after glass of champagne, they needled one another about some of their past dramatic moments. Vivian quipped that it’s handy to blame adultery on a second personality and this prompted Kate to bring up the time that Vivian buried Carly alive. When Marlena laughed at the exchange, Vivian turned on her and brought up Marlena’s possessed stage, a truly legendary Days of Our Lives storyline.

The three women continued to banter and snark at one another, and as SheKnows Soaps details, Marlena eventually likened the other two women to feral cats stuck in a duffle bag together. The mood changed, however, when the ladies realized that they were having trouble breathing and that they were starting to run short on oxygen.

John and Paul were doing their best to find Marlena and the other two women, searching the DiMera mansion high and low. John did find Marlena’s glasses, but before they could search further, Kayla called to tell John about Brady’s hospitalization. This news prompted the two men to rush to the hospital and John later let Eric know the news as well.

Monday’s episode of Days of Our Lives showcased plenty of action at the police station and hospital too. Hope tried to get the truth from Abby, throwing out a theory that Stefan is the one who really killed Andre. When that didn’t bring forth any admissions, Hope wondered if Abby had been brainwashed like what had previously happened to her. Abigail’s alter ego Gabby brushed off all of Hope’s questions and attempts to get to the truth and Hope decided to take her to the station for further question.

At the police department, Chad voiced frustration that he was stuck there and wasn’t out trying to find his wife. Jenn and Eric were both there too, and Jennifer struggled over not figuring out what was happening with Abby as Chad tried to take on the blame himself. Eric lent his support to both of them while also wondering where Marlena was. Soon Hope arrived with “Gabby” and when Chad tried to embrace her, she pulled away and cursed at him.

As Chad tried to connect with his wife, the real Abigail tried to emerge despite Gabby’s dominance. Gabby exclaimed that she seduced Stefan and that he didn’t do anything inappropriate, and she was taken to the interrogation room as Eric and Jennifer followed. Hope tried to console Chad as Gabby balked at Jenn’s attempts to connect with her daughter.

Soon John was in the middle of the action at the police station as he heard Gabby’s hollering and rushed in to demand answers regarding Marlena. Gabby wouldn’t reveal anything useful, so Hope issued an alert for all three missing women. As this played out, the Dr. Laura alter ego chastised Gabby for the disaster she created and indicated that she took care of things by putting the women in the secret room.

Days of Our Lives viewers watched as Gabi was brutally attacked at the prison recently and Monday’s episode showed JJ and Rafe visiting her as she remained unconscious. Soon Gabi did regain consciousness and she voiced concern that she wouldn’t be safe back in her cell. She explained that Diane was responsible for the attack and why, and Rafe tracked down the warden to try to ensure his sister’s safety.

JJ and Gabi talked while Rafe was away and he filled her in on Abigail and her alter egos. Rafe and JJ also told Gabi that it looked likely that Abby was connected to Andre’s murder, but they admitted that there wasn’t any proof yet. This, understandably, left Gabi in tears.

Will Gabi be safe in prison once she recovers or will she face continued threats? How will the situation with Abigail and her alter egos be resolved, and how will Kate, Vivian, and Marlena finally be freed? Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there is plenty of chaos on the way this week and fans will not want to miss a minute of the drama.