R. Kelly Finds Himself In The Crosshairs Of The #MeToo Movement

Mike PontGetty Images

The Time’s Up campaign is seeking others to help in their case against singer R. Kelly, who they believe is guilty of many counts of sexual abuse.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Time’s Up campaign is asking various companies who work with Kelly to cut ties with the 51-year-old singer after many women have come forward with sexual assault allegations against the controversial star. The publication calls out a few companies in particular including RCA Records, which is Kelly’s record label; Ticketmaster, who stills sells tickets to his concerts; and even Apple and Spotify, which both serve as platforms for Kelly’s music.

In a statement issued by the Women of Color committee (a group within the Time’s Up Campaign), the women demand appropriate investigations and inquiries into the allegations that countless women and their families have made against Kelly for more than two decades.

“We declare with great vigilance and a united voice to anyone who wants to silence us.”

Members of the WOC section of the group also stated that they believe that the community has ignored their pain for “too long” while also stating that their wounds “run deep.”

Many others on social media are standing behind the group’s questioning of Kelly, even using the hashtag #MuteRKelly, in hopes of getting a full investigation against Kelly up and running.

But as he has denied the sexual assault allegations against him in the past, R. Kelly is again defending himself upon hearing about the Time’s Up campaign and their most recent statements against him. The Daily Beast shares that Kelly claims the organization’s accusations against him are totally false and an “attempted public lynching of a black man who has made extraordinary contributions to our culture.”

In the statement that was issued by a spokesperson for Kelly, they also state that the singer supports the “pro-women” goals of the Time’s Up movement but call out the organization for criticizing Kelly, calling it “unjust and off-target.” It also accuses the organization of rushing to judgment without “facts” and before speaking with women who support Kelly.

Kelly has been accused of a number of questionable behaviors including possessing child pornography, engaging in a physically and sexually abusive relationship, and even giving one woman a sexually transmitted disease.

Recently, Kelly has also been at the center of another controversy — the cancelation of his scheduled performance at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Huffington Post reports that students and teachers petitioned against the singer performing on their campus, causing the concert to be canceled.

“I don’t know why they canceled the show. I’ve never heard of a show being canceled because of rumors, but I guess there’s a first time for everything,” Kelly said in a video statement posted on his Twitter account.