eBay Search Down

Troubled online auction giant eBay can add a new problem to their ongoing issues today (Nov 21) with eBay search going completely down for all users.

The issue, as the name suggests, results in eBay search not working by simply failing to deliver any results from the search box.

A notice to the eBay systems announcement page said that “due to errors in some of our backend systems, members may be seeing different errors in Search. This could be that “We were unable to run the search results you entered. Please try again in a few minutes” or a blank page, or simply the browser being unable to display the page.”

The message from eBay, which finishes by saying “Please note that we are working as quickly as possible to get this resolved” was posted at 1:37pm PST, where as we’re both writing this post, and seeing eBay search not working at 4:05pm PST, so 2 1/2 hours later.

We’ll update the post if we hear more. General auctions on eBay seem to be unaffected, although obviously there’s no way to search for specific auctions.