‘General Hospital’ April 30 Recap: Sam And Drew Talk, Ava Pressures Sonny, And Nelle Makes An Offer To Carly

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Monday’s episode of General Hospital had plenty of intense moments and viewers had a lot to take in with this April 30 show. Ava continued to battle against Sonny for custody of Avery and Sam approached Drew to talk with him about the state of things. Curtis has been doing some digging and uncovered some potentially interesting information and spoilers suggest that there is a lot of great stuff on the way as the week progresses.

As SheKnows Soaps details, Sam and Drew ran into one another at the office and she asked him to grab a cup of coffee with her. They talked briefly about the missing letters and Sam told him that she wanted to continue working for Aurora. While Drew said that he’s open to see if they can continue to work together, he also noted that they need to get a divorce. Is this really where General Hospital fans say goodbye to Sam and Drew as a couple or will working together serve to shake things up again down the road?

Curtis spent time digging through files in Peter’s office and he came across one on Nathan. However, Curtis didn’t stay long, as he heard Sam and Drew nearby and Nina shot him a heads-up warning text. After Curtis snuck away from the office, it didn’t take long for Peter to see signs that someone had been there looking at the file on Nathan.

General Hospital viewers also got to watch some high drama involving Sonny and Ava during the April 30 show. The key players were gathered at the Port Charles Police Department and Ava wasn’t backing down on getting more access to Avery. Ava and Carly butt heads for a while over the situation and Diane warned Sonny that Mike truly could end up behind bars for what happened.

Sonny and Ava met alone and she told him that she’d drop the charges against Mike if Sonny changed around their custody agreement. He tried to threaten her with the tape he has of her talking with Paul, but ultimately, Ava got her way as Sonny felt he had to do what he could to save Mike.

As Mike and Ava talked, Carly, Nelle, and Diane faced some awkward moments together. General Hospital fans know that Nelle is up to something when it comes to this baby and during Monday’s show, she told Diane that she wanted to sign over custody of the baby to Carly. Nelle claimed that she was sure that Carly would do right by the baby, and she soon ran off to the bathroom as Carly mulled over what she’d just heard and Diane quipped about things getting crazy.

Lulu and Jason met up at Kelly’s and they discussed the missing letters and Henrik. Lulu explained that she’s had contact with Henrik, a claim that left Jason feeling doubtful, and he cautioned her against trying to lure Henrik out from hiding. Peter spent a moment watching these two through the window and he soon entered Kelly’s and listened in as best he could.

Nina and Valentin were at Wyndemere together, discussing Robert, Faison, and the box, and soon Curtis arrived and said that he didn’t find anything regarding Peter. Valentin was soon beckoned away via a text from Peter, and once they were alone, Curtis revealed to Nina what he did find at the office. Nina’s initial reaction was to think that Peter had a file on Nathan so he could position himself more closely to Maxie and she was rattled by the thought.

Valentin and Peter argued over the safe deposit box, with Peter confident that nothing could still tie the two of them together. As the General Hospital Twitter page pointed out, Valentin is hyper-sensitive to the fact that it’ll mean trouble for him if his ties to Heinrik are unveiled, but Peter said he’s certain that everything potentially dangerous has been destroyed. However, they did acknowledge that Robert could be problematic and they discussed needing to take care of him.

Robert and Anna spent time discussing Faison, her son, and Valentin. Anna shared some complex feelings about Valentin and she brushed off Robert’s desire to go confront him over all that’s happened. However, she did voice concern over Jason’s desire to take care of Heinrik and Robert said that he’ll handle Jason.

Soon, Jason and Robert met up at the docks and Jason suggested that Anna could be useful in luring Heinrik out into the open. General Hospital spoilers detail that as the week progresses, Griffin will learn about Ava’s deal with Sonny and he’ll be furious while Peter will continue to edge closer to Maxie.

What comes next with the volatile Ava and Sonny situation? What is Nelle really up to with this baby and when will the Heinrik situation be fully revealed? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get intense heading into the May sweeps and viewers will not want to miss what comes next.