Simone Giertz Brain Tumor: YouTube Maker Of ‘Shi**y Robots’ Faces Extensive Surgery, But Prognosis Is Good

Simone GiertzInstagram

Simone Giertz shared a somber cancer update with fans this week, but the YouTube maker of “shi**y robots” said her prognosis is good and her outlook is upbeat.

The inventor and maker of unique and often ill-functioning robots shared the update with fans on Monday, telling them that she became concerned over her right eyelid, which had been swollen for much of a year. After she started to feel pain and suffered blurred vision, Giertz made a trip to the doctor and learned that she had a brain tumor that is pressing on her eye.

Though she faces an extensive surgery, Simone Giertz said the tumor is most likely not cancerous, and she was keeping a good perspective on the bad news.

“I really feel like I should put more jokes in here to make sure that you know that I’m alright,” she wrote in a letter to Patreon supporters. “Because I really am. In some way, this is as real as life has ever been for me. I have made a list of good things that have happened because of all of these brain tumor shenanigans, and it’s already long. Most of the bullet points are about the people around me, and how something like this really brings you closer together.”

Giertz later shared the news in a video update, warning viewers that she was an ugly crier but also cracking jokes about how good she would look in an eye patch if she happened to lose her eye.

Giertz is known for constructing robots to help perform everyday tasks like serving her a bowl of soup, help her put on makeup, or pour milk onto a bowl of cereal, but they often miss the mark. Thanks to the humorous videos and her frequent interaction with fans, Giertz has been able to amass close to 1 million subscribers.

The announcement brought an outpouring of love and support from Giertz’s fans, many of whom shared encouragement on social media. A number of them signed up to financially support Giertz through her Patreon page, and others inquired about sending get-well cards.

Simone Giertz said she will be undergoing surgery on May 30. As Mashable noted, Giertz said she would be taking some time away from her YouTube channel but would be back making shi**y robots as soon as possible.