Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Rumors: Racy Pictures Fuel Speculation Of Secret Pregnancy, 'Radar Online' Reports

Jessica Simpson is facing a new round of pregnancy rumors, and some skimpy pictures from her recent vacation may be to blame.

The actress and singer has been churned around in the celebrity rumor mills for several months, with frequent reports that she is expecting her third child. The latest rumors came from Radar Online after Jessica Simpson showed off some bikini pictures from her trip, highlighting her curvy physique.

"Is Jessica Simpson pregnant after all"? the report posed. "This Sunday, the fashion entrepreneur was spotted showing off her curvier frame during a beach getaway in the Bahamas with husband Eric Jonhson."

Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson have been on vacation in the Bahamas since last week, and Jessica has shared plenty of pictures of the family taking in the sun. Many of the shots have been taken in her closet, showing off a beach body that apparently has fueled the long-existing rumors that Simpson is pregnant.

Radar Online, which is pushing the latest report that Simpson may be pregnant, is a frequent contributor to this particular rumor. Just a few days before the most recent report, the celebrity gossip site published a series of photos and speculated that she could be wearing flowing clothing to cover up a baby bump. The outlet has published past stories based both on Simpson's choice of clothing and sometimes citing anonymous sources allegedly close to the couple.

And the rumors stretch back months and even years. Simpson has been a frequent target of speculative reports, often based on her choice of attire or some careful inspections of her frame. Last summer, the Daily Mail published photos of the singer and actress wearing a sparkly cocktail dress that showed off her curvy figure. The report kicked off speculation that Simpson may have been wearing the clothing in an attempt to hide a baby bump.

These reports have been off the mark more often than they got it right, putting Jessica Simpson in the same park as Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, and a handful of celebrities often targeted for rumors that they are pregnant.

The most recent report speculating that Jessica Simpson may be pregnant does not cite any inside sources, rather speculating based on her bikini photos.