'Alaskan Bush People' Season Premiere Is Now Officially Delayed And May Not Even Air, Per 'Radar Online'

When word got out that the Discovery was filming for another season of the hit but controversial, show Alaskan Bush People, fans of the Brown family were thrilled.

The show, which was originally supposed to premiere in May, is reportedly experiencing another delay in their premiere.

According to Radar Online, the Alaskan Bush People premiere was pushed back from May 11 because of a so-called "regime change" at Discovery, the parent company that owns such networks as the Discovery Channel, HGTV, and TLC. When the new network bosses took over, they didn't factor the hit show into their lineup plans.

There were a number of reasons for that, according to the report. First, the production company that films the show is known for delivering the product late -- which can be horrible for a show's production schedule. Second, the last season of the show was so "shoddily" put together -- with matriarch Ami Brown's cancer diagnosis being played out in "real time" for the viewers to see -- that the Discovery head honchos were hesitant about going for another season.

But according to Monsters and Critics, the eighth season of the show is still scheduled to go as planned. In fact, as the season premiere date looms closer, more and more fans are becoming proactive in promoting the show on their social media pages and interacting with the cast on their social media pages.

The outlet spoke to the Discovery head honcho, who confirmed that despite the rumors, the eighth season of Alaskan Bush People is going forward as planned, and the show has not been canceled.

However, they said, since the show is still taping -- and there has been some delay in getting the necessary content from the Brown family -- the season premiere date may be pushed back for a few weeks. (Nothing has been confirmed, as of yet, about the season premiere delay -- so for now, everything is going forward as planned.)

Never fear: while the show is certainly delayed, it is not canceled. We will keep you apprised of all the Alaskan Bush People developments as they happen.