April 30, 2018
Best Horror Movies On Netflix That You Probably Missed: 'Baskin' Is A Must-Watch Shock-Fest

Some of the best horror movies often go overlooked, and such was the case of the 2016 film Baskin (the Turkish word for "police raid"), currently streaming on Netflix. If you're a fan of slow-burn horror films or of splatter movies, this Netflix feature will fit the bill on both accounts. Though it has been attempted, horror movies that try to blend several subgenres often fail. But somehow, even with all the chaos, director and co-writer Can Evrenol pulled it off.

A group of police officers get more than they bargain for while out on patrol. They enter a dilapidated building, and it doesn't take long until they realize they've entered a charnel house. Even worse, otherworldly nightmares and demonic monsters await them as they seem to have stepped into Hell itself.

Though that may seem like a straightforward story, it's anything but. And that's one of the reasons this Netflix gem is so good. Accompanied by artful directing and solid performances, Baskin is part sci-fi, part fantasy, and all horror. The film starts out like a slow-burn story. But as the tale progresses, so does the plot (and the ridiculous amounts of gore).

This feels like a mixture of many horror movies in one, like Saw mixed with Hellraiser (also available on Netflix). Many critics have compared it to Hostel, but that isn't quite fair. With a lack of suspense, art, or genuine scares, Hostel is known only for its shock value. If you removed all the blood from Baskin, which many viewers probably would have liked, it would still stand on its own as a solid horror entry.

And while Baskin provides plenty of shock, it's genuinely scary. This arthouse horror picture is littered with head-scratching symbolism, genuine suspense, intriguing flashbacks, jump-scare moments, and it has a decent mystery to boot. Baskin will have Netflix viewers, if they last through the outrageously graphic gore, guessing until the end.By successfully mixing several subgenres while creating a puzzling mystery, Baskin is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.