One Day After Mocking People Easily Offended By Jokes, Mike Huckabee Gets Offended By Michelle Wolf’s Jokes

Spencer PlattGetty Images

After sleeping on it, Mike Huckabee has apparently changed his mind about easily offended people who “lack a sense of humor.”

On Saturday, the former Arkansas governor took to Twitter to issue a harsh warning to anyone “offended” by “slights you create” and who can’t bring themselves to tolerate those they disagree with. Huckabee mocked those who are too easily offended, warning them not to tune in to his television program that day or else they “will get triggered and need a pony, popsicle, and Playdough to cope.”

But by Sunday morning, Huckabee had a markedly different tone. After comedian Michelle Wolf’s routine and the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in which she tore into Donald Trump and members of his administration — including Mike’s daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders — Mike Huckabee took to Twitter to say how offended he was by the jokes


In a series of tweets on Sunday night, Mike Huckabee said the routine was “classless bullying” and said that people should be held accountable for what was said. He even went on to suggest that Michelle Wolf should have her mouth washed out with soap — Tide Pods, to be specific.

Many took note of Mike Huckabee’s sharp and almost immediate change in tone between when he was dishing it out and when he was taking it.

Prior to his being offended by Michelle Wolf’s biting routine, Mike Huckabee was staunchly against “politically correctness,” the idea that people should strive to use more sanitized language so as not to offend others. After a controversy in which an ESPN anchor Jemele Hill attacked Donald Trump as racist, Mike Huckabee railed against the network as being too “politically correct.”

Mike Huckabee is not the only one quickly changing his tone after the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Many conservatives who once defended Donald Trump’s particularly harsh language now find themselves criticizing Michelle Wolf for doing the same. Commentator Tomi Lahren defended Donald Trump after the Access Hollywood tape was released, showing Trump bragging he could “grab ’em by the p***y,” and said that only overly sensitive people would be offended by it. But on Sunday, Lahren joined Huckabee in saying she was very offended at Wolf for taking aim at women during her comedy routine.