'Princess Principal' Anime Movie Series: Ange Returns For Six Films Instead Of 'Princess Principal' Season 2

A 2019 Princess Principal movie series will be bringing Ange and the high school spies of Mayfair Academy back into the steampunk world of espionage set in an alternate reality England. Anime fans were hoping that Princess Principal Season 2 would be announced, but instead Japanese audiences will be treated to six feature films that will release in movie theaters.

The original story by Code Geass writer Ichiro Okouchi was produced by Sentai Filmworks, Actas, and Studio 3Hz. Fans knew that a sequel would be coming out in some way since Season 1 ended in a very open-ended fashion. What's more, director Masaki Tachibana confirmed in the past that he was really hoping for a sequel.

"We would like to make a season 2, we hope to make a season 2, but that's not up to us. We left a lot of things unresolved," he said at Anime NYC 2017.

When Tachibana spoke about his own personal goals for the future, the director also noted that he would prefer to work on an anime movie since the budgets are not so tight.

"Movies tend to get more funds to work with, so they can spend more time on scenes," Tachibana explained. "As opposed to TV anime, where you are on a much tighter schedule and cannot always perfect everything. In that sense, I would like to work on a movie."

The Princess Principal movie announcement was made April 29, 2018, at the 2018 "Princess Principal Stage of Mission" event that was announced last year. Production has been greenlit and the release date for the first film is set for 2019, although it's possible that some of the films will release in 2020 and beyond.

Thankfully, unlike many anime movies, the six films will be an entirely new story that takes place after the events of the first anime season. That means these films are not simply compilation movies. The official Twitter page for the Princess Principal anime also released new promo art.

The Princess Principal movie series will be an entirely original story. Since there is not a Princess Principal manga series or light novels it's impossible to provide spoilers, but the studio did release a preview trailer.