April 29, 2018
Pinnacle Foods Has Recalled 32,479 Pounds Of Armour Sliced Dried Beef For Diarrhea-Causing Toxins

If you have Armour Ground & Formed Sliced Dried Beef sitting in your pantry, Tampa Bay Times suggests you may want to check the labels, as Pinnacle Foods recently recalled over 32,000-pounds due to a possible toxin contamination.

According to the notes in the USDA-posted recall, a Food Safety and Inspection Service officer discovered the toxins on Friday during a safety assessment at the production facility.

"A possible processing deviation that may have led to staphylococcal enterotoxin and clostridial toxin contamination."
In total, there were 14 lots containing a total of 32,479 pounds of Armour Ground & Formed Sliced Dried Beef believed to be contaminated. These 2.25-ounce containers contain the following lot numbers:
  • 0707011Y11
  • 0708011Y11
  • 0709011Y11
  • 0710011Y11
  • 0711011Y11
  • 0715041Y11
  • 0716041Y11
  • 0717041Y11
  • 0718041Y11
  • 0719041Y11
The recalled cans also contained the following "best by" dates on the labels:
  • JAN-07-21
  • JAN-08-21
  • JAN-09-21
  • JAN-10-21
  • JAN-11-21
  • APR-15-21
  • APR-16-21
  • APR-17-21
  • APR-18-21
  • APR-19-21
The 4.5-ounce containers with the following lot numbers 0723011Y11, 0724011Y11, 0725011Y11, and 0722041YW1 and best by dates JAN-23-21, JAN-24-21, JAN-25-21, and APR-22-21 have also been recalled for possible contamination.

The USDA defines this Class 1 recall as a, "health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death."

Pinnacle Foods and the USDA urges anyone with containers featuring these lot numbers or best by dates to throw them away or return them for a refund. Anyone with questions about the recall can contact Pinnacle Foods at 888-299-7646.

Staphylococcal enterotoxins – the diarrhea-causing toxins believed to be in the containers – can be exposed to 100 degrees Celsius temperature for several minutes without dying. According to the University of California-San Francisco's Dr. James Marks, symptoms of consuming these toxins hit the human body within one to four hours of consumption. Typical symptoms include:
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Diarrhea
After consuming these toxins, symptoms can linger for nearly 24 hours. In extreme cases, an individual can suffer dehydration, shock, cardiovascular collapse, and respiratory failure. Only 15 percent of people who consume this toxin require hospitalization, and the fatality rate is at 5 percent with most cases being very old or very young patients.

Canned meat on a cutting board

In most cases, the stomach problems associated with consuming these toxins last anywhere from six to 24 hours. However, the symptoms can last for up to two weeks, depending on the individual. Anyone who may have consumed the contaminated product is encouraged to drink lots of fluids to flush any potential toxins out of their bodies as quickly as possible.