WWE: The Shockmaster Passes The Torch To Titus O’Neil On Social Media With Hilarious Edited Photo


In the scripted world of the WWE, mishaps are bound to happen, as Titus O’Neil recently demonstrated at the Greatest Royal Rumble. For those that missed it, during the WWE event on Friday, Titus O’Neil was running down to the ring to join the other rumble competitors when he slipped and fell. But he didn’t just slip, he slid all the way under the ring. Luckily, O’Neil didn’t sustain any injuries aside from maybe that of his ego.

The WWE was quick to create a GIF and tweeted it out just minutes after it happened. This funny moment was a welcomed event to the evening since many fans felt that the Greatest Royal Rumble largely failed to entertain. Titus O’Neil took the mishap in stride and tweeted that he was just playing possum. O’Neil, who turned 41-years-old on Friday, received a birthday tweet where a fan turned the accident into a “RKO out of nowhere.” Being the good sport that he is, O’Neil retweeted the fan’s birthday greeting.

The WWE superstar isn’t the first wrestler to experience an embarrassing mishap. In fact, that same evening at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Jeff Hardy completely missed a whisper in the wind and Jinder Mahal bumped for it anyways. During a WWE In Your House pay-per-view in 1995, Sid Vicious botched a promo and asked to start over when Jim Ross had to inform him that they were live. And the list goes on. But perhaps none are as famous as The Shockmaster incident.

The year was 1993, the location was WCW Clash of the Champions 24, and the incident was one of the funniest laugh-out-loud moments in wrestling history. The Shockmaster, who was Fred Ottman (Tugboat, Typhoon), was set to debut on Flair for the Gold. He was aligning himself with Sting and the British Bulldog to help them combat Sid Vicious and Harlem Heat. But when The Shockmaster came bursting through the wall, he fell flat on his face.

On Saturday, Fred Ottman posted a photo on Instagram passing the mishap-torch to Titus O’Neil, and fans went nuts. The post shows a photo of Titus running to the ring, but it was edited to where he is wearing The Shockmaster mask, which was just a painted up stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars.


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While both fans and wrestlers alike continue to tease Titus O’Neil, the WWE superstar is taking it all in stride.