Five Most Insane Moments From Donald Trump’s Michigan ‘Campaign’ Rally Speech On Saturday Night

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Donald Trump filed papers with the Federal Election Commission for his 2020 campaign exactly one day after his inauguration in January of last year, and on Saturday night in Washington Township, Michigan, Trump held what could only be described as a campaign rally. And even though the 2018 midterm elections haven’t even happened yet — in fact, they were 191 days away as of Saturday — Trump’s rally contained a barrage of outrageous statements and moments of the type that became so familiar to audiences during his 2016 campaign.

Trump was in friendly territory on Saturday, holding the rally in Macomb County, which appears to be the county that allowed him to win Michigan in the 2016 election. The state proved crucial to Trump’s Electoral College victory as Democrat Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million. While Trump edged Clinton in Michigan by a scant 11,612 votes, he won Macomb County by a margin of about 48,000. With its 82 percent white demographic, Macomb County has been described as “the de facto national capital of white middle America.”

Trump appeared to feed off the crowd, and on Sunday morning he praised his audience on his Twitter account, writing, “Great evening last night in Washington, Michigan. The enthusiasm, knowledge and love in that room was unreal. To the many thousands of people who couldn’t get in, I cherish you….and will be back!”

Nonetheless, while Trump may have basked in the “enthusiasm, knowledge and love” of the adoring crowd inside the arena at Total Sports Park in Washington Township, outside of the event, protesters clashed with Trump supporters, making profane gestures at news media cameras covering the event, as seen in the CNN video below.

Inside, the scene was no less wild as Trump lashed out at many of his favorite targets, including the news media, the Russia investigation and Democrats, and even promised to “shut down the country” if congress does not allocate funding for his promised “border wall.”

Here are five of the most outrageous moments from Trump’s Saturday night rally.

• Trump claims that Democrats support immigration because illegal immigrants vote for them, and don’t know why.

• Corey Lewandowski is invited onstage by Trump and screams, “This is Trump country!” Lewandowski was Trump’s original 2016 campaign manager, but was suddenly fired after a series of controversies including the release of a video that showed him physically manhandling a female reporter from the ultra-conservative news site Breitbart, and behind-the-scenes clashes with campaign consultant Paul Manafort, who took over the campaign after Lewandowksi’s ouster — and has since been indicted by Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Lewandowski himself was accused in December of sexual assault by Trump-supporting pop singer Joy Villa, who claims that Lewandowski “slapped my a**” during a photo shoot.

• Despite the fact that Republican Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain is currently suffering from a terminal form of brain cancer, and was hospitalized last week for surgery to treat an intestinal infection, Trump verbally attacked McCain and successfully provoked the crowd into booing the ailing, 81-year-old Arizona Senator.

• Trump asks the crowd, “Are there any Hispanics in the room? ‘Spanics?” The crowd responds with scattered boos.

But not all of the outrageous moments came from Trump himself, or other speakers at the podium. The crowd also provided some memorably disturbing incidents.

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Donald Trump supporters in Michigan Saturday night were praised by Trump for their "knowledge" and "love."Featured image credit: Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP Images

• Toward the conclusion of the rally, one Trump supporter was captured on camera heckling reporters and cameramen in the area designated for media, insulting them as “degenerate filth” and demanding that they all leave the United States.

If those five moments from Trump’s Saturday night Michigan rally were not enough, a full replay of the 79-minute speech may be viewed below.