'Pokemon GO' Generation 4 Pokemon And Higher Level Cap Reportedly Coming In Future Updates

It's been almost two years since Pokemon GO first became available for mobile devices, and while the game might not be as hot as it was in its first few months, the next Pokemon GO updates might see the arrival of Gen 4 creatures, a higher level cap and other substantial new features.

According to a report from Bleeding Cool, the supposed changes were first discussed by a player with the handle PokemonDoctorYT, who said he shared a flight with Niantic CEO John Hanke, who told him about the upcoming updates and what players can expect from the iOS and Android game going forward. After PokemonDoctorYT tweeted a clip of himself sitting next to Hanke on the flight, the rumored changes were tweeted out by ReversalYouTube, which Bleeding Cool described as one of the better known Pokemon GO players on social media.

In a series of tweets, ReversalYouTube wrote that future Pokemon GO updates might include the introduction of Generation 4 Pokemon, which, just like player vs. player (PvP) features, are purportedly "being worked on." The increase to the level cap, which is currently at level 40, will be another major change if the reports are accurate. Other claimed changes include updates to the game's maps to make them more "raid friendly," and general tweaks to allow for a more balanced gaming experience.

In addition to Pokemon GO supposedly getting Generation 4 creatures and all the other aforementioned changes, ReversalYouTube added that, per PokemonDoctorYT's claimed conversation with Niantic's Hanke, there are a few changes that are "100 percent confirmed," including an option for users to submit PokeStops, the "GO Fest 2" event, and even more actions to be taken against players who use spoofing software to improve their chances of catching rare Pokemon in the game.

As of this writing, Niantic has yet to confirm any of the purported changes to Pokemon GO, including the Generation 4 Pokemon, increases to level cap, and the supposed attempts to make the game more balanced. But ComicBook wrote that the possible introduction of Generation 4 creatures shouldn't be surprising, as there are still more than 400 Pokemon that have yet to be introduced to the game. As such, the publication speculated that the Generation 4 update might come "sooner, as opposed to later," adding that some players are expecting the new creatures to drop sometime in the late summer or early fall.