Jinger Duggar Promotes A Book About Settling For ‘The Wrong Guy’

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Jinger Duggar is currently reading a book titled She’s Got the Wrong Guy: Why Smart Women Settle, but don’t worry, the Counting On star isn’t experiencing buyer’s remorse over her husband, Texas pastor Jeremy Vuolo.

When 24-year-old Jinger married 30-year-old Jeremy in 2016, she revealed that she planned on helping him with his ministry. Fans have been curious about what exactly the Duggar daughter has been doing at his small church in Laredo, Texas, and she recently took to Instagram to reveal one way that she’s tried to reach out to the female members of Jeremy’s congregation.

Shortly after she moved to Laredo, Jinger Duggar told People that she had “definitely connected with the ladies” at her husband’s church. Now, she and a few of these women are participating in a Christian book club of sorts. They’re currently reading a book by author Deepak Reju aimed at lonely Christian women who are tempted to settle for relationships with less-than-ideal men because they’re desperate to get married and have children. Jinger revealed that the self-help book got her husband’s seal of approval before she began reading and discussing it with the female members of his congregation.

“Hey single ladies, you may be interested in reading a book I am going through with some of the other women from my church—’She’s Got the Wrong Guy: Why Smart Women Settle’ by @deepakreju,” Jinger wrote on Instagram. “Jeremy and I read it together and really enjoyed it.”

Jinger Duggar didn’t share any details about the book. However, on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website, author Deepak Reju lists the types of guys that it warns Christian women against dating. They include non-believers, which Reju cautions women to avoid even if they are “kind.” Other undesirables are men who are promiscuous, angry, commitment-phobic, newly converted to Christianity, and “unchurched.”

According to a Patheos review of Why Smart Women Settle, a portion of the book focuses on what single women should do to make the wait for Mr. Right more bearable. What Raju’s recommendations boil down to is that they should focus on their relationship with Christ.

The wait for an ideal Christian mate is something that Jinger’s older sister, 28-year-old Jana Duggar, has confessed to struggling with. As reported by International Business Times, she’s said that she’s often excluded from the group outings of her married siblings and their spouses, which leaves her feeling left out.

Jinger Duggar hasn’t revealed whether she’s given a copy of Why Smart Women Settle to Jana, but the older Duggar might not need it; she’s made it very clear that she’s not going to marry the first guy who comes along just because she’s lonely. Perhaps Jinger should consider asking her to share her real-life struggles with the women at her church.