‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Anna Scheme, New Plan To Lure Henrik Out

Anna Devane is becoming desperate on General Hospital this upcoming week as her world seems to be unraveling pretty quickly. She isn’t thinking with a clear head right now and that’s where Robert Scorpio comes in. He is taking charge by helping her locate her son, Henrik, and not getting hurt in the process. However, Anna continues on her search by once again meeting with Jason Morgan to come up with a plan. GH spoilers by Soap Central tease that he will be caught off guard by what Anna has to tell him.

Does this mean that she will let Jason know the truth that she is actually Henrik’s mother? That is a good possibility as the plan that these two come up with involves her. In the recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, co-head writer Shelly Altman says that Anna and Jason will decide to use Henrik’s mother to lure him out of hiding. They will somehow get word to him that he will be meeting his birth mother face-to-face.

Now that could mean that Anna will have to let Jason in on the whole sordid story of her and Faison having a child together. That would definitely catch Stone Cold off guard for. It’s a complicated web that Anna has gotten herself into, and also one that is eating away at her.

Unfortunately, that scheme may put Anna in danger. Henrik is angry at his mother for giving him up to such a monster as Cesar Faison. He endured a life of an uncaring father who sent him to boarding school at a young age. He could very well do away with her. But would he really?


Henrik seems to have a heart. All he wants is to be loved, which he didn’t have growing up. Anna could give him plenty of that if only he forgives her. This is one complicated storyline that is finally coming to a head. Keep watching General Hospital this week to see how Jason and Anna’s plan works out.