Ex-Husband Seeks Retribution After Discovering His Children Are Not Biologically His

Peterborough, England – Richard Rodwell, 46, was deceived by his ex-wife. He was duped into believing their children, conceived during the marriage, were his. Richard’s since sought legal action, suing his ex-wife for damages.

Richard demanded DNA tests even though his ex-wife insisted the children were his, after rumors surfaced. Turns out each of his two children had been fathered by separate men. Upon the revelation of paternity, Richard’s would-be children Adam and Laura, now in their late teen years, broke all contact.

Richard describes his ordeal as, “I have been robbed of ever having children,” but he has no regrets about ordering tests.

Richard felt he was a devoted father and family man until his near 14-year marriage fell apart. He explained:

“Helen was disappearing for several days without telling me where she was going. I only found out from used train and coach tickets I discovered. I would collect the children from school as usual and walk into the house and it would be empty with no note or anything. Helen would go to places such as Newcastle or Manchester, and if I asked why she had gone there she would say, ‘Nothing to do with you.'”

After the divorce in 2004, Richard, a factory manager, paid regular child support for more than four years to his ex-wife Helen totaling £15,600. In 2008 Richard petitioned for DNA tests after salacious rumors emerged about the paternity of his children. ”I think the children need to know who their real father is.”

The courts, treating the deception lawsuit similarly to that of child-death bereavement, awarded in Richard’s favor. The county judge took into consideration the depths of deceit, and the fact that Richard and his new wife, Trudi, are unable to have their own children, according to the Daily Mail.

Richard wanted justice for the betrayal, not so much the money. But he never wanted to lose his children in the process:

“I treated them both as if they were my own. I was there at their births, went to their Nativity plays and helped them with school homework. I can’t stop thinking about the children as they were my life. I always wanted children and grandchildren and now it’s too late in life for me. The children were the most important people in my life, and now they have gone.”

According to Richard, his ex-wife has never voiced an apology. He was awarded compensation in 2011 of £12,500 for each child, and costs of £25,000. He also won a court order forcing his ex-wife to move out of the marital home, which is now up for sale for £119,995, reports the Telegraph.