Get A Sneak Peek At What ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Bar Tom Tom Will Look Like

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Fans of Vanderpump Rules have gotten a front seat watching Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz put together their new bar, Tom Tom, which opens in a few weeks to customers. But designer Nick Alain, who appeared on at least two episodes of Vanderpump Rules, is now sharing a sketch of what fans can expect from Tom Tom.

Tom Sandoval And Tom Schwartz Are Partnering With Lisa Vanderpump On Tom Tom

Fans of Vanderpump Rules remember the episode in Las Vegas where Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz met with Nick Alain, Lisa Vanderpump, and Ken Todd to choose light fixtures for Tom Tom. Lisa Vanderpump’s vision for Tom Tom was industrial-romantic with a touch of steampunk, and it looks like Nick Alain delivered, says Bustle.

Tom Tom is scheduled to open by the end of May, beginning of June at the latest. Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz have had a hand in making many of the decisions for the staff of Tom Tom, like uniforms for the bartenders and the waiters.

And even though Tom Tom is a partnership between Lisa Vanderpump and the two guys named Tom, visitors should be able to still enjoy a Pump-tini and LVP Sangria any night of the week.

Bravo says that Vanderpump Rules fans will get their first live peek at Tom Tom on Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. On Monday’s episode, Tom Tom will not be completed, but friends will also be getting their first look at the new bar in progress.

Monday Night’s Vanderpump Rules Will Show Tom Tom As A Work In Progress

Tom Sandoval told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that Tom Tom is coming along nicely.

“It’s coming along. It’s looking great. It’s been a lot of work. A month ago, we found out we had to put in a sink in this other sidebar that we’re gonna have. He had to like dig up the concrete and everything. Ken’s been working really hard.”

Lisa Vanderpump Says Vanderpump Rules Fans Will Have To Wait To See Tom Tom

Lisa Vanderpump says that it’s been husband Ken Todd who has been at the Tom Tom site every day of the week.

“It’s a lot of work, and Ken’s been there every day. It’s a lot of work. I just wait now. I have it in my mind, but we’ll see.”

Tom Schwartz says that Tom Tom has been a work in progress, but fans of Vanderpump Rules will see it is worth the wait.

“We went in there with Ken and Lisa the other day, and we just looked around at the space and how much progress has been made, and it’s such a gorgeous spot. They transformed this little square retail space into this really cool, unique environment, and it’s gonna be something special.”