April 28, 2018
Kim Zolciak Resumes Filming 'Don't Be Tardy' After Halting Production

It has been a long week for Kim Zolciak following comments she made on the last part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Viewers immediately took to social media after the show aired calling the reality star racist. Zolciak has been distraught about the situation all week and it prompted her to speak out in a statement her publicist released to the media. She apologized for Bravo editing her comments and denied being racist at all.

Kim Zolciak was so upset about the backlash she received after The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired that she halted filming on Don't Be Tardy. There was plenty of hateful comments thrown her way and she deflected the situation by blaming the editing. Zolciak confronted Andy Cohen about how things played out at the reunion, and she wasn't happy. According to Us Weekly, Kim Zolciak has decided to begin filming again despite still being upset with the situation.

There had been speculation that Kim Zolciak would not return to filming after what happened. It looks like she is determined to finish her project despite her feelings. Unfortunately, she will not be returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. After the reunion taped, Zolciak was rumored to be leaving anyway. Her return did what the network had hoped, and now, she will be gone.

Some of Kim Zolciak's peers have weighed in on whether or not they believe she is racist like the majority of viewers or if her comments were edited badly. Kyle Richards came to her defense when asked about Zolciak, saying that she would be welcome on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars have accused Zolciak of being racist outright, so it wasn't shocking for viewers to learn they did not have her back this time around.

Don't Be Tardy will be around for at least one more season. Kim Zolciak will likely continue the show as long as possible, especially with it being focused solely on her. It will take time for the controversy to die down. There will be plenty of angry viewers demanding the network drop Zolciak, something that has already started.