'Southern Charm's' Elizabeth Madison Speaks Out On What Went Wrong In Her Marriage

Amy Feinstein

Southern Charm's longest-married couple, Elizabeth and J.D. Madison, are calling it quits and living apart. Before the current season of Southern Charm, neither Elizabeth nor J.D. Madison had spoken out about their marriage ending, but now, fans of Southern Charm have heard from J.D. Madison and Elizabeth's confidante, Naomie Olindo. Until now. Elizabeth Madison has finally broken her silence and is talking about why she and J.D. are no longer together in real life or on Southern Charm.

"The differences in personality and the arguing that came from those differences morphed our beautiful relationship into something toxic. I was deeply saddened by how far we had fallen as a married couple, and at the time, I felt we had both done everything we could to make it work. Our differences had caught up to us, and although it was difficult, we made the decision to separate."
"I was done and had been done for a long time. My heart wasn't in it, and I felt like the cons of our marriage outweighed the pros. That said, even with all the difficulty, I knew I still loved him. I had just fallen 'out' of love with him. It is hard to explain."

"He is still a royal pain in the ass at times, and such an extremist, but he has warmed my heart again, and I am taking things slow."

In the first episode of Southern Charm this season, J.D. told Thomas Ravenel that he and Elizabeth had been separated for months, and he was living in their guest house. Ravenel advised J.D. to make a clean break.

"Oh yeah, it felt really good. It was definitely something that was a long time coming. I had so much frustration that had really built up for months and months and months and I couldn't understand why no one had ever said anything to him before. Watching it back, it was pretty much the same thing. I felt good about my decision to do it and was just glad that he realized that people knew and were talking about it and it wasn't flying under the radar anymore."