Jimmy Kimmel Inauguration Prank: People Love Obama's Speech That Doesn't Happen Until Monday [Video]

Dusten Carlson

What did you think of President Obama's second inauguration? If you answered "It doesn't happen until Monday," then you weren't on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week.

Jimmy Kimmel plays pranks like this constantly, and they usually make for a good laugh. Whether he's asking random bystanders what they think of the new iPhone 5 (and handing them an iPhone 4S) or swapping Starbucks premium blend coffee for the regular stuff, his victims continually prove that Americans are incredibly susceptible to persuasion.

Kimmel's latest prank involves the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, which happens on Monday. But people's opinions of it so far regarded the ceremony as "awesome," "moving" and "you know, part of history."

But they're a little early. The second inauguration doesn't actually happen for a few more days. But we heard Joe Biden cried, it was so momentous.

"It was awesome," one woman said. "It was, you know, part of history. It was really nice to see him up there, getting his second term. Proud of him."

Her favorite part was Obama's speech, during which he was "talking about what he's going to do for us, not what he's going to do for the other countries, what he's going to do for America."

Not everyone was as taken with the inaugural address. There was one person who "didn't really care for it…I turned the TV off, it kind of bored me."

See for yourself. You can watch Jimmy Kimmel's presidential inauguration prank below:

[iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/XR_uaruZhqg" width="560" height="315"]