Kate Middleton Channels ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ In Almost Identical Dress After The Arrival Of Prince Louis

Jack Taylor Getty Images

After the birth of her third child on April 23, Kate Middleton stepped outside St. Mary’s Hospital and into the limelight wearing a red Jenny Packham dress complete with a beautiful white Peter Pan collar, and this moment was instantly seized upon on the internet when a mad frenzy of comparisons was made between the dress Middleton wore and the one that Mia Farrow donned in the classic 1968 Roman Polanski film Rosemary’s Baby.

Even though the vast majority of media outlets were busy commenting on the similarities between Kate Middleton’s dress and the one that Princess Diana wore in 1983 after the arrival of Prince Harry, discerning viewers had already formed their own opinions on the subject and were gushing over what appeared to be an almost identical dress to the one that the tortured housewife Rosemary Woodhouse wore in Rosemary’s Baby, as Harper’s Bazaar reports.

With quite a few websites boasting cheaper replica Jenny Packham dresses that fans of Kate Middleton can also purchase, none of these even comes close to looking as similar as the Rosemary’s Baby dress, with the color, length, style and even the same lace collar looking like it was a direct clone of the original dress.

It is widely known that Kate Middleton is a huge fan of British designer Jenny Packham and has worn her dresses after the delivery of all three of her children. In 2013, Middleton wore a blue Packham dress with polka dots to greet the public after Prince George was born, and then again in 2015 sported one of her special yellow dresses after the arrival of Princess Charlotte, according to People.

Besides the birth of her children, Middleton has often turned to Jenny Packham dresses on other occasions which include a concert at the Olympics, visiting tours of both India and Japan and also when most recently attending the BAFTAs.


However, wearing the same dress that Mia Farrow wore when she was pregnant and gravely ill after a satanic ritual was conducted to impregnate her with the devil’s child is surely something that is going to get the public’s attention whether it was an intentional act or not.

It could also be said that Jenny Packham herself may very well be a fan of Rosemary’s Baby as it would be quite difficult as a designer to have not seen and approved of Mia Farrow’s gorgeous wardrobe in the film.

But the question still remains, was Kate Middleton’s decision to wear the dress after the birth of Prince Louis a direct and humorous reference to Rosemary’s Baby, or was it by some odd chance just a strange coincidence after all?