Keith Hernandez Just Flipped The Middle Finger To The Camera During A Mets Broadcast

Diane Bondareff/Invision for Good HumorAP Images

He’s Keith Hernandez, and if he wants to flip the middle finger to the camera during a Mets broadcast, who’s to stop him?

The New York Mets booth announcer, beloved by fans, made a bit of a viral accident on Friday when calling the team’s series opener against the San Diego Padres. As he was launching into a story about cutting his finger with a razor, Keith accidentally flipped off the camera — and then held it there for a split-second before realizing his mistake.

“Oops, I can’t do that,” Hernandez said, prompting laughs from announcer Gary Cohen.

Pictures of Hernandez flipping the bird quickly spread to the internet, to the bemusement of fans across Twitter.

Mets beat writer Michael Baron stuck up for Hernandez, explaining that it was really just an accident.

“In fairness to our good friend Keith Hernandez, he was merely trying to show us the cut on his middle finger, which he said he got with his straight edge razor while shaving this morning. Still, fantastic. #Mets”

Keith Hernandez knows a thing or two about going viral on Twitter. The former Mets legend has recently re-discovered the platform after having an inactive account for several years, and has quickly built up a devoted following where he shares insight on the Mets, stories about his playing days, and lots of pictures of his cat.

See a photo of Hernandez flipping the bird here.

Keith’s sudden Twitter surge has even caught the attention of the MLB website, which published an article this week about the delight that is his Twitter feed. USA Today said his Twitter feed is “predictably phenomenal,” and shared some of his best moments, including an awkward dinner with his daughter and her friend.

Maybe Keith’s accidental flip of the bird can help wake up the Mets, who hit an early season skid after a blistering 11-1 start. The team on Friday was starting the first of a three-game set against San Diego after having just finished a series in St. Louis. While the road trip may be tough on the players, it’s been particularly brutal for Hernandez.

“Sorry about the non-tweet today. Tired. Didn’t sleep well. I have a knot in my right shoulder blade for last 3 weeks. Painful & a big pain in the you no where,” Keith shared on Twitter. “The 4 hour flight from StL to SD didn’t help. Last time I saw the clock it was 4 am. Yuck.”

Add a cut middle finger to the list of ailments for Keith Hernandez.