Braun Strowman Wins The WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Match, And Titus O’Neil Provides A Hilarious Moment


The Greatest Royal Rumble match featured 50 WWE superstars, and as expected, it was the highlight of the event. Many WWE fans on social media complained that the Greatest Royal Rumble felt like a glorified house show. Each match ran about 10 or 15 minutes (which makes sense given the 10-match card), and no new champions were crowned aside from Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt winning the vacated WWE Raw tag titles. But once the rumble match started, fans on social media and in attendance were on the edge of their seat.

Before it all began, they showed the trophy that was at stake as well as a championship belt that would belong to the winner. This is the longest rumble match in WWE history. The contest broke numerous records, including most participants. Daniel Bryan was the first entrant, and the fan-favorite broke the record for the longest appearance at 76 minutes. Bryan took an absolute beating during the contest with his chest looking like lunch meat thanks to numerous chops. And Braun Strowman beat the record for most eliminations by throwing out 13 WWE superstars.

It was announced prior to the Greatest Royal Rumble that WWE legends Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho were going to be in the competition, and the two may have received the largest pops of the night during their respective entrances. Though there weren’t too many unfamiliar faces, Hornswoggle made his return to the WWE ring and the audience loved it. Fans also witnessed sumo wrestler Hiroki Sumi participate, and NXT’s Dan Matha and 6-foot-10 Babatunde debuted in the rumble as well.

But it was Titus O’Neil who may have stolen the show. In a night of first-ever happenings, Titus (accidentally) decided he wasn’t going to leave the WWE event without leaving a long-lasting impression. As he ran down the aisle, O’Neil tripped and slid under the ring. The commentating team laughed out loud, as did the WWE fans in attendance.

Other participants include Bobby Lashley, The Great Khali, Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens, Big Cass, and many others. But it was Braun Strowman who would win the historical event.

“The Monster Among Men” made sure everyone in the ring caught his hands. Shane McMahon was determined to fly at some point in the match, and Braun was happy to assist. He launched Shane off the top rope through the commentators’ table and the crowd lost it.

“The Monster Among Men” eventually eliminated Big Cass to seal the victory. WWE CEO Vince McMahon joined Braun Strowman in the ring to celebrate his Greatest Royal Rumble victory.