Halle Berry's Bikini Body Is Due To Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet And Yoga Workouts

Samantha Chang

Actress Halle Berry has a hot bikini body at age 52, thanks to a low-carb ketogenic diet and daily exercise that includes yoga workouts, martial arts, calisthenics, and boxing.

Berry's fitness trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, said the brunette beauty is in such great shape because she has the mindset of a professional athlete.

"I had no idea what her age was when I met her," Thomas told People. "When I found out, I was absolutely shell-shocked because she has the discipline and athleticism of a 25-year-old."

Berry, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 19, follows the ketogenic diet. That's a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein eating plan that restricts carbohydrates and emphasizes unprocessed saturated fats such as butter and olive oil, as well as high-quality proteins like salmon, eggs, pasture-raised beef, and chicken.

Other celebrities who follow the keto diet include reality TV stars Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, actress Megan Fox, and pro athlete Tim Tebow.

Berry added: "When your body gets trained to burn fats, you're constantly on fat-burning mode. That's the secret."

Critics of the keto plan say the diet is too restrictive (and it is), but there's no denying its effectiveness as a weight loss tool. By drastically reducing carb intake, it forces your body to burn fat (instead of carbs) for fuel.

"It's low-carb but high-fat so that your body will break down the fat as the primary fuel source," Dr. Eric Kossoff, director of the Child Neurology Residency Program at Johns Hopkins, told USA Today. "If you keep carbohydrates low enough, that's what the body has to do."

Low carb diets can eliminate the need for diabetes drugs because they work immediately to reduce high blood sugar, according to a report published in the medical journal Nutrition.

"Dietary carbohydrate restriction reliably reduces high blood glucose, leads to the reduction or elimination of medication, and has never shown side effects comparable to those seen in many drugs," said obesity expert Dr. Eric Westman.

Judging by her recent bikini photos, Halle Berry's keto diet not only does the body good, but makes her body gorgeous.