‘Days Of Our Lives’ Episode 4/27 Recap: Chad Believes Abby Was Raped, Chloe Kidnapped, Brady Hospitalized

In the Friday episode of Days of Our Lives for April 24, we see the weekly storylines beginning to come together. Eve believes that Brady helped Claire rig the “Bella Magazine” contest. In the midst of an argument, Brady begins to slur his speech and is finding it difficult to stand. Although Brady has been drugged, Eve thinks that he is drunk. She calls him a no good lush and walks away.

Brady tries to go after her, but he falls forward and winds up on the ground. Lucas shows up just in time to help Brady to his feet. Like Eve, Lucas believes that Brady has been drinking. When Brady insists that he hasn’t had a drop of alcohol, Lucas has him admitted to the hospital. Kayla runs some tests. It won’t be long before everyone knows what Days of Our Lives viewers already know. Brady has accidentally consumed a drugged beverage that was meant to get Lucas out of Chloe’s life.

As Chloe is locking up Doug’s Place, Miguel comes out of the shadows. He insists that Chloe leaves Salem with him. Miguel wants Chloe to perform in an Opera that his mystery boss is producing. When Chloe refuses, Miguel shows her a gun and threatens her loved ones if she doesn’t do as he says. Chloe is devastated. She knows that going to Mexico will hurt Lucas. Eve knows something isn’t right but accepts Chloe’s explanation, for now.

When Lucas calls Eve about Brady, Eve tells him that Chloe has decided to leave with Miguel. Lucas attempts to call Chloe, however, Miguel has taken Chloe’s phone. Eve doesn’t want to be concerned about Brady but she heads to the hospital anyway. On the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives viewers see Eve standing at Brady’s bedside. The scene is left hanging, and Days fans remain curious about what Eve is thinking.

The Friday, April 27 Days of Our Lives episode brings us back to the Gabigail, Stefan, and Chad storyline. Gabigail has come to the hospital to be with Stefan. She lays her head on his chest and begins to sing. When Stefan hears her voice, he turns to her and opens his eyes. He begs her to run away but she refuses to leave his side. She claims that she loves Stefan and is nothing without him.

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At that moment, Steve comes into Stefan’s room. He is trying to locate Rafe. When he grabs ahold of Gabigail, she attempts to fool him by stating that she is Stefan’s nurse. After some coaxing from Steve, she begrudgingly agrees to talk to Kayla. Gabigail attempts to run away, however, she runs straight into Hope. A majority of Days of Our Lives viewers are ready for Abby to get some help. This could potentially be the beginning of the end for Gabigail.

Across town at the Salem PD, our hearts break for Chad as he relays the night’s actions to a panicked Jennifer. Chad reiterates several times to Jennifer that Abby has been raped. Chad incorrectly believes that Stefan has brainwashed Abby but the message relayed by the Days of Our Lives writing staff is clear.

Chad is crying sexual assault in defense of his wife, who is clearly not in her right state of mind. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many Days fans have been concerned about the issue of sexual assault within the storyline. It seems as if the writers are, in fact, on the same wavelength as their viewers.