April 27, 2018
WWE 'Greatest Royal Rumble': Results For Cruiserweight Title And Raw Tag Team Championship Matches

After superstars John Cena and Triple H opened the Greatest Royal Rumblein Saudi Arabia, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship was on the line in the next contest. The massive crowd filled the King Abdullah International Stadium, and Cedric Alexander defended his title against Kalisto. Alexander won the championship at WrestleMania just weeks ago on April 8, and the WWE universe has been paying more attention to 205 Live ever since.

The short ten-minute match was high-spot city. The live audience wasn't as responsive to this match as they were the opening contest, but once the duo started their high-flying techniques the crowd was into it. After numerous death-defying moves, Alexander hit his patented lumbar check to retain the title.

The vacant WWE Raw Tag Team Championships were on the line when the former champions, The Bar, faced Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy. Wyatt and Hardy come down the aisle first and, as to be expected, the live crowd was taken back a bit. This was another short match that featured another clean finish. At this point in the show, the 15-minute opener was the longest bout.

The two teams put on a seesaw match filled with attempted finishers and counters. Matt Hardy took most of the heat of the short contest, and Wyatt cleared the ring after the hot tag. The two teams went back and forth delivering their usual spots. The match concluded when Sheamus missed a brogue kick, and Hardy and Wyatt delivered an elevated twist of fate.

"Woken" Matt Hardy has been a cult-like favorite of the WWE universe, as has Bray Wyatt. Teaming these two together breathed new life into the careers of both individuals. While he has always been popular with most of the fans, filled with feud after feud that brought him a slew of losses, Bray Wyatt's WWE tenure hasn't been very impressive. But after his Greatest Royal Rumble Match, that all has seemingly changed for the "Eater of Worlds" and the WWE universe are likely to be pleased with their new Raw champions.