Jean Paul Gaultier Appears To Shade Kim Kardashian On Instagram

Tracey Johnson

Kim Kardashian West recently unveiled her new perfume bottle. Nothing but Kim's voluptuous shape is good enough for the new KKW Body fragrance. According to Page Six, fans and fashionistas couldn't help but notice the similarity between her fragrance bottle and that of Gaultier's Classique which also boasts the female form.

With over three million hits, there are very few people who haven't seen Kardashian's semi-nude photos that she displayed on Instagram this week. In one particular photo, Kim proves that clay can also become a woman if worn with enough confidence. She captions this, "We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle. @kkwfragrance." From this, we can deduce that Kardashian looked within (or is that without?) for inspiration for her new perfume.

Although it remains endearing that any woman wants to immortalize her own form in a perfume bottle, it seems as if Jean Paul Gaultier may have a different take on KKW Body. In a social media post, the iconic brand posted, "Keeping up with the fragrance's news! #Classique#JeanPaulGaultier." It seems as if Kardashian's concept is not entirely new at all and could be construed as a replica of a tried and true formula. Gaultier once said that the inspiration for the packaging for Classique was a can of cat food and the imprint that it left behind, according to Elle Canada.

"I love the contrast of something very industrial like the can with the body [fragrance bottle]."