NASA Doesn't Dig Moon Mining Mission, Ditches Robotic Lunar Resource Prospector Trip

Amy Feinstein

NASA has scrapped its lunar Resource Prospector mission, and no other similar missions are scheduled at this time. The small rover which was intended to mine materials like hydrogen, oxygen, and water from the lunar poles, but at this time, NASA has chosen not to move forward with its planned mission. Now NASA lunar scientists are angry, saying that without missions like the robotic Resource Prospector, we won't be able to get humans back on the moon anytime soon.

The Resource Prospector could learn more over time about what the water/ice is like, and how much there is on the Moon. The robotic exploration would help NASA plan all future lunar missions with the potential of mining the water to turn into drinking water on Earth.

Phil Metzger, a planetary physicist at the University of Central Florida who was part of the team for the NASA Resource Prospector said that the project is going no further at this time.

"There are no other [NASA] missions being planned to go to the surface of the Moon."

"We wanted to make him aware so he could do his own investigation as to why Space Policy Directive 1 is being ignored."